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  1. ejfud

    New Phono preamp in the system

    I’ve been running on the cheap for vinyl since Redboy dropped off a table for me use. I’ve been using the Schiit Mani for a bit now with no complaints. Stumbled on a gentleman pretty much giving away his diy version of a hybrid grounded grid phono preamp. He even made the pcb’s. Well all I can...
  2. ejfud

    I got a new Pi case

    Milled aluminum and carbon fiber make this an expensive, but beautiful and functional case. I’ll have to figure out how to get the switch to work.
  3. ejfud

    I went to the audio store to listen to some bookshelf speakers

    I listened to the Kef LS50 Meta’s, Polk Legend 200’s and Paradigm Prestige 15B’s. One was better to my ears than the rest, but none were purchased. Came home fired up the Bottlehead 2A3 Amos with the Altec604’s and was reminded just how good this system can be. Still on the lookout for a pair...
  4. ejfud

    Vintage CD Players

    Been some talk about the old digital players here lately, so let’s see what you have. Using or not, post some pictures of your vintage CD players. Here’s mine. Magnavox FD2020
  5. ejfud

    Raspberry Pi console build

    Thought I’d share my solution to my wife’s need for music in our master sitting area. It will double as the tv stand as well. Walnut and a little curly maple wrapped around a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a HiFi Berry Amp2 hat running MoOde and some Wild Burro Betsy’s handling the speaker duties.
  6. ejfud

    Stuff found in the audio closet.

    Free, just pay shipping. Squeezebox Duet I believe. Remote needs a battery. Zenith carousel AC/DC radio.
  7. ejfud

    My adventure with Holey Corals

    After a tease a few weeks back, we have the first incarnation of my uses for the Holey Corals. These cabinets were a kit from a few years back that was designed for the Fostex 103 type drivers. That’s about all I remember about them, but I’ll be digging through the Wayback to see what I can...
  8. ejfud

    Arcade Pi Build

    Now that everyone here helped me get a few Raspberry Pi streamers for music up and running, I thought it would be fun to have a Pi arcade for the family.
  9. ejfud

    WTB - Raspberry Pi with DAC hat

    I would like to play around with this setup to see is it would work for my system. If you have one laying around unused, let me know.
  10. ejfud

    Omega Fullrange Drivers

    What should I build with these?
  11. ejfud

    Diatone P610

    Has anyone here ever built speakers with this driver or even heard a pair? Please share your thoughts.
  12. ejfud

    Which Grace tonearm is this?

    This was obtained in a trade for speaker building labor. Anyone have a guess on which Grace arm this would be?