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  1. Fran604g

    Happy Birthday Dan

    Happiest of birthdays Dan!
  2. Fran604g

    I think summer is here...

    Our youngest daughter and her boyfriend moved to Klamath Falls OR in April for his National Forestry Service wildfire fighting gig, so now I watch the weather there on my phone app. I now receive weather alerts that startle me a little. Instead of the severe thunderstorm, etc. warnings we...
  3. Fran604g

    Who Knew? My Crystal Glasses Are Now Considered Toxic!

    I remember making copper pennies silver.
  4. Fran604g

    Who Knew? My Crystal Glasses Are Now Considered Toxic!

    Now I can't stop thinking of all those poor souls who made beaver fur felt hats...
  5. Fran604g

    Magic moments.

    @Deli, it's great to see you've joined our happy little group of "those guys"! It's been too long.
  6. Fran604g

    Who Knew? My Crystal Glasses Are Now Considered Toxic!

    Are there hard numbers on the amount of lead that dissolves into solution over time? I'm a cynic.
  7. Fran604g

    Old Avatar Day

    What's old is new again? Same ol', same ol' Fran since around 2006.
  8. Fran604g

    at the bleeding edge

    For the $$$,$$$.00 of any of the top 10, why not simply hire your favorite ensemble to play live once a week - like forever?
  9. Fran604g

    And Now From Beautiful Downtown Burbank . . . .

    Welcome to the Haven! Sorry I'm a little late to catch the welcome wagon...
  10. Fran604g

    Might Be Getting a Visitor

    I just read Kessler's review. I take it lives up to his account?
  11. Fran604g

    MK1005B Horn Sled Project

    Total Zen!
  12. Fran604g

    Onken Cabinet Build

  13. Fran604g

    Happy Birthday Marantzfan

    Happiest of birthdays!
  14. Fran604g

    Happy Birthday Redboy

    Happy birthday Nate! I hope it's a great day for you.🎂
  15. Fran604g

    Sometimes I forget...

    Has anyone accused us of being sane lately?😁
  16. Fran604g

    Happy Birthday MikeT!

    Happy birthday!
  17. Fran604g

    The Covid-19 thread.

    I finally got my Jannsen stab yesterday. Piece of cake! Teenie, tiny sharp pain in the arm that lasted about 15 minutes. Woohoo!
  18. Fran604g

    Fried Speaker Badge Replacements

    Thanks for this "alert". I've needed a badge for one of my AR3a's for years.
  19. Fran604g

    Iconic Manufacturing Altec 604H "supercrossovers"

    Good luck with the sale. I'd love to know the values of the components used, for posterity. Cheers, Fran