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    Loesch 300B amp ID?

    Shot in the dark here - but I've read some people on here mentioning that they have experience with some Arthur Loesch 300B designs. I've got an opportunity to buy a pair of amps, however the owner doesn't have the schematic or ID for the output transformer... I tried rooting around the web to...
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    Advice on Repairing/Identifying Altec 802(?)

    I recently picked up what I believe is a 70's version of the Altec 802 (with Symbiotik diaphragm?), along with a 32C plastic horn in a pretty odd local CL deal - the seller simply listed it as a 'Vintage Altec speaker + horn', and apparently had no further interest in it. He worked at a...
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    Clearing debris from doping goop of Altec 755A?

    Hello, First post here - not sure if this the right section to post in, but I thought I'd go ahead. I just picked up a (somewhat) discounted 755A due to the cone condition from the Bay. DCR reads ok, and it seems there's no vc rub. However, the seller tied a cardboard cutout to the front of...