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  1. watt

    Cassettes, again: Nakamichi LX-5

    Guess I've been thinking about cassettes more and more after seeing one of the vids from John DeVore's YouTube channel. He spends a few minutes showing different tapes--from shows that he recorded, from bands he was in--and talking about their appeal. It isn't an argument for fidelity so much as...
  2. watt

    Gates CB-500. Big.

    I bought two of these, actually, about five or six years ago when I was thinking about putting together the world's most cumbersome DJ setup. Kidding--I bought two because I thought that I might need a parts unit to get one up and running. (Why did I buy them at all? Weakness. Or a lonely...
  3. watt

    I blame Redboy for this

    Vintage tools. 😬 Cleaned about 50 years worth of sawdust out of it, de-rusted some parts, painted the cabinet, which really needed it, rebuilt the motor. Still a few things to do, including figuring out what kind of fence to put on it.
  4. watt

    Thinkin' bout the Bugle

    Hi, all. I've been considering a few different circuits to try for my second build. The Bugle looks promising, and I've read at least a couple of threads here dedicated to that particular amp. I'm still getting used to this, and I wonder if someone can clarify what's going on in the power...
  5. watt

    Reluctant woodworker builds Silbatones

    I've only tried to build speakers from the ground up once before. IIRC, about twelve or so years ago, I tried what I thought was a simple cabinet design for a pair of small Fostexes. It did not go well. The project--which I've since dubbed my "pioneer" speakers, because they looked like...
  6. watt

    Carbon Fiber Coasters

    Don’t know about you fellows, but in the middle of summer I find that nothing holds my drink like a nice carbon fiber coaster: Kidding! I cut some carbon fiber (badly) to make a couple of arm boards for my Fairchild. Because...
  7. watt

    Acrosound TO-300: circuit shopping

    This past spring, I built my first amplifier. In part, the project was a test run with a circuit I felt more or less comfortable attempting. Though I didn't mention it until the end of that thread, I was also motivated to try because I've had a pair of Acrosound TO-300 transformers tucked away...
  8. watt

    watt built an NSC

    NSC = Nigel's Speed Controller, of course. A speed controller to use with my modified Lenco. I bought the boards and the IC around 2017, iirc. When I mentioned my plans to build one, sort of off-handedly, to Redboy, he told me that he had a box o' parts for it. I think I bought those a year...
  9. watt

    FS: Some SACDs

    Has anyone ever offered up Dvorak and Can together? It's a crazy world, but I wonder if I'm the first . . . $11 each + $4 shipping, or $60, shipped for all. And Tago Mago, $11 + $4 shipping. Or, if you want them all, $69 shipped.
  10. watt

    A thing of beauty from Dayton, OH

    I had other creative (annoying) thread titles, too. Like "A pretty complicated way to ship an RCA 12AX7" (found one in the upper compartment). In either case, it's a Jackson 648! I plan to calibrate it according to the instructions here. I have a B&K 606 that's been useful for quick checks...
  11. watt

    watt finally builds an amp (results TBD)

    [[This is sort of a long-winded wind-up to the real questions in post #2. Feel free to skip ahead if you’re so inclined.]] By the spring of 2010, I was already in pretty deep. I had moved to Austin from Chicago, and to Chicago from St. Louis before that. That kind of displacement led to a fair...
  12. watt

    Sold: Pangea AC-14SE power cables

    Got these as part of a package deal, and I don't need them. Here's (link) Audio Advisor's page on them (unsure if these are Mk I or Mk II). Each cable is 1 meter. $28 shipped, each. Or $50 shipped for both.
  13. watt

    Can watt build a Slagle AVC?

    I’ve been interested in the Slagle autoformers since seeing a thread or two of Redboy’s several years ago. A few months ago, after exchanging a few messages with him, I convinced myself that I could build one (remains to be seen—I never build anything), and I started collecting the parts to do...
  14. watt

    Can watt rebuild a Scott 200B?

    I bought this amp about seven or eight years ago, in unknown operational condition, thinking that it would be a good project for learning how to rebuild a tube amp. It's been on a shelf since then. Now, I'm a little more comfortable with an iron and a schematic. I've recapped a couple of things...
  15. watt

    Hey there from NC (by way of Austin, Chicago, et al)

    Redboy told me about this place, so here I am. I started caring about stereo equipment and participating in forums about it around 2008. I had a lot of questions about the Marantz 2235B I’d just bought from a yard sale. I didn’t know a thing about stereos or circuits, but I remembered my dad’s...