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  1. Fran604g

    Denon AVR-2300W gifted to me... a good friend. Currently I'm using a Yamaha 5.1 setup in our family room which sounds decent when all the stars are aligned (Blu-ray, Dolby 5.1), but since I now have this amp in the mix, do any of you have experience with this particular model?
  2. Fran604g

    Text feature toggle not working on my phone

    Hey all, Recently (the last few weeks), I've lost the ability to use any text features. Before I could toggle the feature window on or off, but now it's off, and I have found no way to turn it on. I use Chrome and a Samsung S8 (android). Any pointers? Fran P.S.: everything works as it should...
  3. Fran604g

    Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Havenites!

    Wishing you all joy and peace during this unprecedented year of challenges.
  4. Fran604g

    I don't shoot much anymore...

    ...but couldn't resist the "Bald-faced" hornet nest in one of our maple trees in front of our home.
  5. Fran604g

    Phono cartridge wiring to do it all...?

    Hey folks, I use a variety of devices to listen to audio, from 2 and 4 minute cylinder record phonographs and early to late lateral cut records, to Edison and Pathé vertical cut records, to modern stereo LPs, etcetera. But my capabilities to combine the old with the new(ish) technologies are...
  6. Fran604g

    How It's Made: MBL Omnidirectional speakers

    Just caught this 2016 episode, and thought we might find it interesting. Very unusual design.
  7. Fran604g

    High on the NOPE! list tunes:

    You're welcome. 😖
  8. Fran604g

    Is there a simple way to save posts... text form, instead of copy and paste - which removes formatting, images, etc.? I was copying and saving a bunch of my (very) old posts at AK, and I'm just not happy with my results. Thanks my friends.
  9. Fran604g

    TAD 60 blown fuse - twice

    Hiya folks, Yesterday my venerable TAD 60 popped the inline fuse at the power supply between the mains and PT. I replaced it to corroborate, and the fuse failed again. I removed the amp from the system for troubleshooting. I checked all the tubes - as I suspected an output tube failure (4 ea...
  10. Fran604g

    604-8G DCR measurements?

    Hiya folks, Can any of my esteemed cohorts please remind me what the DCR for both the HF, and LF drivers ought to be? I should be able to remember, but I can't. After spending a ton of time critically listening to my 604's recently, since installing my new Soundsmith Otello, I realized the L/R...
  11. Fran604g

    Tips for buying a Shure V15 Type III - or not

    Hey folks, I've been interested in using one of these legendary cartridges for years, but never got up the courage to drop the coin for one. I've been using M97x carts for probably 12 years or so, and have been satisfied with the performance, but I think maybe it's time for a modest upgrade. I...
  12. Fran604g

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing you ALL a very happy, healthy, and audio New Year!
  13. Fran604g

    Seeking knowledge; vintage PA tube amp gurus!

    Hey folks, What do I have here? I assume it to be a condenser for the mic inputs on my Customusic CPA-15, but as I know nothing of the topic, could it be something else? T'ankee, Fran
  14. Fran604g

    Fran's anachronistic blender

    I've fought the idea of possibly embarrassing myself by posting a picture of the way my audio room looks these days -- after my falling head-over-heals backwards in time, but here goes: I use JRiver on my WIN 10 PC for all my digital needs, my DUAL 1229 for vinyl, 78's, and Edison Diamond Disc...
  15. Fran604g

    Drawing out a schematic of an old amp -- or anything else for that matter.

    Hi folks, I've just begun the process of rebuilding another vintage amp, a Customusic CPA-15 monaural (Jukebox/PA type o' guy) with 2 mic., background, phono and tuner inputs. It's a very simple low parts count, that's just right for this novice. I can't find a manual/schematic with any of...
  16. Fran604g

    Viewing a stylus

    Hi folks, I'd like to finally buy something to view stylii with, and would love to see what people here use. I already have a loupe, but I wear glasses, and it just doesn't work well for me. Currently, I use a macro lens setup for my digital camera, it works out "okay", but it's a real pain...
  17. Fran604g

    Wanted: AR3a badge

    Hi folks, I gave up looking for one a couple of years ago but still need one if anyone had one to sell. It needs to be red ink (I remember seeing them in black), an AR3 - no "a" - will also work since one of the pair is the earlier version with a factory upgrade. Thanks! Fran
  18. Fran604g

    Image inserting trouble

    Hi folks, Maybe it's been discussed, but I couldn't find the topic per se involved with my specific issue: When I upload attachments (images), the file(s) upload fine. I insert the uploaded link of the attachment file into the text where I want it to go. Before I post, I "preview" it to make...
  19. Fran604g

    Hi folks... name is Fran, and I'm an audioholic. I didn't find a standing introduction thread, but just wanted to say hello. I see a lot of very familiar names, and I think I'll fit in here. Thank you for your patience, it might take a while for me to get up to speed here. Fran