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  1. Shelby1420

    Rest In Peace Jeff Bagby

    😢sad news indeed!!!
  2. Shelby1420

    QED Cable Hifi Haven Exclusive

    Hi there, any idea when you will have the QED Reference Digital Audio 40 in 1M length? When you have stock, I’d like one please!
  3. Shelby1420

    Hi from Oz

    Welcome aboard!!!
  4. Shelby1420

    Thorens TD124 MKI with Ortofon RMG-212 and SPU G

    Been many years since I owned mine but can clearly remember how good the 124 sounded!!! GLWS!!!
  5. Shelby1420

    Happy Birthday Rogerfederer

    Happy birthday!!
  6. Shelby1420

    What's in your glass?

    Warmed on a nice warm tube amp in Edinburgh crystal......
  7. Shelby1420

    What are you listening to right now ?

    Easy listening......
  8. Shelby1420

    Tips On Soldering Tonearm Wire? Kenwood KD-990/KP-1100 - Now with nudes!

    This is great news!!!!! So glad you’re enjoying the music again!!!
  9. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    Took us 18 last time we did it, really hoping restrictions are lifted cuz if they are you better bet ur ass we’ll be comin for a visit!!! Miss the east coast sooooo much, hell I even miss you ya grumpy ole coot!!!
  10. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    Mmmmmmm, how I miss East coast lobster!!!!! As a side note, mama and I were looking at properties on Second Eel lake, beautiful!!!!!
  11. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    Yup, both tables set up with terrible cartridge choices for each table but both the same... not really a big deal, hell it’s the reason that there’s sooooooo many choices of gear for us to pick from!!! I mean, do we really want all gear to sound or be the same? Hell no!! I have respect...
  12. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    I gots only love bro🥰
  13. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    Oh, I’ve had the privilege of owning many exquisite systems throughout my lifetime and hope to own many more, but for now this one just sounds right...... 🎶
  14. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    Lol!! Yup, read this and figured I would experience the same.... sold the Kenny for a small profit and am tickled pink with the Pioneer!!! I’ve run across this several times with audio gear or tubes supposed to be much better than that one, just not to my ears!! Kenny was nice but just...
  15. Shelby1420

    Less Expensive Gear That Replaced Pricier Kit

    Have had many of these situations but the most recent would have to be the Kenwood KD 990 being outdone in this house by the Pioneer PL 570. Great thing was that I had both here at the same time so could go back and forth to make my decision! Had very high expectations re the Kenny from things...
  16. Shelby1420

    Gear you're running that you're not happy with.

    My listening chair!!! Been through about 4 of them and none have lasted, still on the hunt for the perfect perch. As for the system, kinda of odd really as I have a some new, some old, some DIY and some not, it all just works!!!! Another oddity is I’ve had single pieces before worth more...
  17. Shelby1420

    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

    No wonder we go through the deed so quickly......
  18. Shelby1420

    QED Cable Hifi Haven Exclusive

    So I ended up buying these - QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable - Pair and have been listening to them now for about a month. Upon inspection I see they're very well built with a professional look and feel to them. They offer sturdiness, however, also enough flexibility one can get them...
  19. Shelby1420

    Is Decware worth the investment

    Can only speak to my experience with a set of speakers I built from plans of Decware, had them professionally built to spec with suggested driver. In my system and to my ears they were awful, absolutely dreadful!!! I was sooooo disappointed because the description on their website made it...
  20. Shelby1420

    Today's Blues playlist

    Love me some John Lee.......