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  1. ColinWonfor

    DC Blocker Plus

    Here FOC a DC Blocker Plus a Few odd Bits. And Gerber Files enjoy.
  2. ColinWonfor

    Are the Queens awards a Joke ?

    Applications for the 2022 Queen's Awards for Enterprise open on May 1, 2021. Guess what my old cable designs MD (he he) applied and got it again like when he applied for tax grants on RD that I did. And all the other freebie meaning less garbage, but greed dies with the man, and soon GM soon...
  3. ColinWonfor


    The only pair of 50W TOCA SECA in the world, at home in the SW of England.
  4. ColinWonfor

    LS 25 and LS40 and the LS80 on public run.

    See Pinkfish for coments. EWA LS80 speaker cables Elsdon Wonfor Audio LS-40 speaker cables Elsdon Wonfor Audio LS-25 speaker cables Next question are you all well ??, just had my jab here, But the cold has made my bones hurt.
  5. ColinWonfor

    The New M50A

    The M50A is biased to 35W Class sliding to A/B. The heatsink is the chassis and temperature controlled not to go above 40C (unless you are already at 40C), So in a home at 25C the max temp was 37.8C On start up the idle current is set to be twice the running current so the M50A quickly get to it...
  6. ColinWonfor

    Good bye Retirement and IGBT

    Well so far the retirement has gone well, ha ha, not a chance I have been more busy doing more designs than ever before. This include new cable idea and construction, so I decide to retire at 99yrs 364 day, just to keep busy. I love walking and the last year that was not possible, that is due to...
  7. ColinWonfor

    Mains cable why?

    Just a note, First question how does the PSU deliver current to the load ? is it 50/100Hz (60 120Hz) or can the load demand in short bursts? If it is short burst and at highish speed lets say 100uS at 20V RMS into 4Ohms how does the bridge rectifier and the mains top it up? Does the 50Hz take 10...
  8. ColinWonfor

    R.S. = Really Stupid components

    Stupid idiot large heatsinks in 1 layer of bubble rap, these were going on display now they are completely useless thanks you stupid idiots for the lack of care. Then left on door step in the rain, why ?? thanks for nothing. I will now post this on all the forum I use.
  9. ColinWonfor

    Class A and A/B Explained

    Found this and seems to be based on the old Mullard books from the1960-70 ( see I am old) But it might help to clear few cons and bad thoughts on design scams. Please tell me your thoughts after watching it. Oh you can down load it in a few formats. Great for a teaching aid for young engineers...
  10. ColinWonfor

    LED Colour

    I have been asked to do a M50 with a white light, I normally use green. What colour is the most relaxing and which colour is most liked.
  11. ColinWonfor

    Are you all well?

    We here in London have had a NAFF time how is it where you are. Oh yes GM I am still alive he he
  12. ColinWonfor

    Claymore Review

    The Claymore Retro Integrated Stereo Amplifier The classic stereo amplifier re-imagined. Review By Clive Meakins
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    Elsdon Wonfor Audio | United Kingdom | ABCaudio And the USB worked yipee (digital rubbish.)
  14. ColinWonfor

    NEW SECA KIT 15W-40W easy build

    NEW SECA PCB Power can be set from 14W - 40W depending on heatsink. The PCB's are £60 each. Please contact Mr Brown on Elsdon Wonfor Audio | United Kingdom | ABCaudio The PCB is now leaded components and should be easy to assemble.
  15. ColinWonfor

    Books and info for those bored

    Share and Discover Knowledge
  16. ColinWonfor

    Health Check

    Hi All, Is everybody in good health? It has been shit here in Lock down and in London, all my hospital visit have been cancelled and I miss my nurse Maxine and her coffee. Well today St Barts hospital near St Paul.s in the centre of London have asked me to come in, I am worried I hate trains...
  17. ColinWonfor

    A new type of pot/volume control

    Well now forced to stay indoors and my pit I can do some R&D work so first project is a volume control using optics. It will allow us to have any value and multi channel pots at any pre-fixed value i.e. 10R-1000MR and either Log/Anti Log or Linear well any curve you want basically. The track...
  18. ColinWonfor

    Playtime new idea on severe amp control

    From Alan on Audiochews "Alan 10:00AM edited 10:01AM Flag Hi Col, thanks for your comment! We played a track by PanSonic from Katodivaihe (Cathodephase) called Virta 1. This EP is to all intents and purposes a hifi torture fest, and is interesting if you enjoy electronic music. The bass was...
  19. ColinWonfor

    Keep well

    Hi All just a note to keep safe and be well from UK were this bloody dreadful bug is killing friends and family.