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    Country music legend Charley Pride Dies at 86

    Charley Pride dies at 86 Sad news.
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    NativeDSD & Audirvana invite you to discover the album Raizes by Breno Viricimo (True DSD256)

    For 1-week you can download the album Raizes by Breno Viricimo for free on Code: AUDIRVANA
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    The Audiophiliac Daily Show - FREE Chesky Records Music Sampler

    A 10 song sampler from Chesky Records. There is a download link below the YouTube video. Plus the discussion is interesting if you are into the Chesky sound and recordings. The Audiophiliac Daily Show
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    Saxophonist Giuseppi Logan R.I.P.

    Saxophonist Giuseppi Logan has died Last week another avant-garde saxophone player gots the call. R.I.P.
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    Bassist Henry Grimes - R.I.P

    Henry Grimes R.I.P. Another jazz great gets the call.
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    RoadDawgWest's Listening Room/System

    Hi I discovered Hi Fi Haven just over 1-year ago when I found the Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player thread. Although I posted in that thread after registering and a few others over the past year, mainly Today's Jazz Playlist, I never formally introduced myself or shared my system. Here is where I...
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    Ellis Marsalis, RIP

    Ellis Marsalis, jazz pianist, educator, and patriarch of the Marsalis family...
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    Bucky Pizzarelli, RIP

    Bucky Pizzarelli, Master of Jazz Guitar...