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  1. Ds2000

    Snell K/2 question.

    So a friend gave me his old pair of K/2 Snell speakers. They’re nice, the oak ones not the common black ash. I even got the Snell stands! Sand included. The woofers had been replaced in 2005 with then available replacements from Snell. Well, the foam has expired. AN makes what seems to be the...
  2. Ds2000

    Champagne Club Amplifiers

    Ok, so here’s the really good stuff. The champagne club of amps, perhaps the end game for those who desire solid state front ends. These Stax DMA-X2 are totally restored and at high cost due to hundreds of hours on them going over everything. Some faceplate scars from the life they lived after...
  3. Ds2000

    Another pair of Pioneer/TAD to modify

    Another pair of these TZ-9LTD came about for cheap and I have them here. The original mids are trash, but they can be repaired in Japan for ¥30,000 per (in Magnesium). I have a pair of Be TAD drivers here, all similar parameters as the original, only with the Be goodness. But they don’t mount...
  4. Ds2000

    Three free things.

    See pics, all free. Take one or take all, the price is the same. local only, 10035 New York City. No shipping.
  5. Ds2000

    [SOLD] Mark Levinson 432. Restored from the ground up

    For sale is the most updated 432 out there. It has had a full board level restoration by one of the best ML techs in the country. Board level meaning: the individual components were replaced with the newest vs. having the board replaced with 2014 updates. All of the output silicon is new, the...
  6. Ds2000

    Sony takes over, but wait Victor is on the way.

    So these Sony SS-G777ES came in and took the place of the Onkyo Scepter 5001. They’re definitely different, right down to being a sealed box vs. a ported design. In a word, magnificent. They are one of those silly Sony’s which were not advertised. Anywhere. Air core, poly and copper foil/paper...
  7. Ds2000

    Thinking of modifying these Pioneer Speaks

    I have a pair of the TZ-9LTD’s by TAD for Pioneer ElitE from 1992. They’re fantastic but do have congestion issues in the middle range. I’ve wondered whether re-capping with really hi q boutique parts might help. There’s a good chance caps as nice as today’s items weren’t available then, or that...
  8. Ds2000

    Put your clothes on! A naked gear thread.

    We all like gear nudies, so why not have a place to deposit them for all to see? JVC M-L10 after a small cap replacement and re-lamping. All cleaned up. And a rare STAX DMA-X2 after a cleanup and dust blowout. It’s already been restored. Now, show your topless treasures.
  9. Ds2000

    Something carbon, something wood, from Onkyo.

    I figured I’ll post these while they are in the house. Onkyo Scepter 5001. They were a one year model, one of those weird Japanese halo projects, like the M-510 and the Sony R series. Pardon the order of the images, the uploader is random.
  10. Ds2000

    Some Sony CD player fix-its.

    The Sony ES players from the 80’s and 90’s are quite good, better than one may think. They’re old now though, and need more than just a cleanup. 1. Disc scraping noise at the top clamp area, poor reading, the drawer opening on it’s own after not reading, not playing, etc. This is also a real...
  11. Ds2000

    Tim’s toys for sale. Updated 5/22

    I am renaming, and will also be curating this thread so I can keep using it rather than starting myriad new threads. Check back weekly to see if anything has been added :)
  12. Ds2000

    Greetings from New York City.

    New to this site, but not to the hobby. My thing is the rare Japanese vintage, but mainly from the middle 80’s to the middle 90’s. I find the look and the performance to be top-class. Not all shown is still around.