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  1. OldNuke

    The Covid-19 thread.

    You should probably say "is not known for electing" instead of the generally wrong statement about hiring.
  2. OldNuke

    Happy Birthday OldNuke

    Thank you!!!! Drive by parties planned with some music and food and simulated golf!
  3. OldNuke

    2021 Audio Plans

    Hmmm, 2021 plans: 1) prep for 2022 move, what stays and what goes... 2) 2 amps from Paul B 3) build 2 new sets of speaker cabinets suitable for display in the living/den i.e. learn how to veneer... 4) more experiments with autoformer crossover networks 5) build more pedals and a pedal board
  4. OldNuke

    frugel-horn flat pack; what do you think?

    I've made a couple of these, not from this vendor but direct from Dave. They sound great and it's an easy build. Great bass when using corner loading, put in a couple of hooks at various levels to hold the stuffing, it tends to slip with time and vibration.
  5. OldNuke

    Node 2 capacitor replacement = recovery from red light of death

    Sorry, my Node is buttoned up and in use. I don't foresee taking it apart again in the near future.
  6. OldNuke

    EML 45s; solid plate or mesh?

    Not weird to me. The same tubes (ref above) sound different in my amps which are both 45 SET but different circuits/iron.
  7. OldNuke

    EML 45s; solid plate or mesh?

    I have EML 45 solid plates and I have not pampered them as suggested and they have played wonderfully for hundreds of hours in my amps. They are more sterile than my older 45's and I think more crisp in the higher notes. Would love to try some mesh or globes but they would only be for the...
  8. OldNuke

    So what hooked you?

    This was way before they came out with the Tandy computer, I'll google it but I remember TRS-80. But being old, I could be wrong.
  9. OldNuke

    So what hooked you?

    Nothing glamorous, the RadioShack TRS-80. I got one as a gift and would listen to it every night when I should've been asleep. I recorded our one Top40 station and the one Jazz/Blues program to listen to. That hooked me and I've always had some sort of music playback device since. DIY...
  10. OldNuke

    Node 2 capacitor replacement = recovery from red light of death

    I can't tell the difference. I never used the internal DAC, for me it's always been Node (coax) to Gungnir Multibit to amps, so I don't have a reference to base a sound judgement on. Practicality wise, it's great. My Node was warm to the touch on the shelf before and is cool now. Hoping to...
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    Plans this evening?

    We will be inside, the outlawed fireworks will start around 11, by that time we will be done with one of these bottles. Also, Congrats on the 40th, we celebrated ours on the 2nd.
  12. OldNuke

    SOLD - Well Tempered Simplex Turntable and LPS - SOLD

    Trying to get rid of 2020 as fast as possible. I need the next couple of days to consider if I need more speakers or do I just want more speakers.... :)
  13. OldNuke

    SOLD - Well Tempered Simplex Turntable and LPS - SOLD

    Dammmit Woody, I was trying to save money in '21.
  14. OldNuke

    Sad 32b story

    I'm scarred for life......:eek:
  15. OldNuke

    Still looking at headphones...What are peoples opinion and experiences with Stax electrostatics range?

    The new Koss ESP's are nice, light and great sounding. Hampered by a weak amp. Paired with the right amp they are great. Also there's Nectar Sound out with a new 'static phone. Stax are an investment, only do it if you can audition them IMO.
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    What's in your glass?

    Thanks for the idea!
  17. OldNuke

    I am cleaning (organizing) the basement

    If it weren't for the BayBridge World Series, I would've been caught on the Cyprus Structure collapse. At that time of day it usually had a couple of thousand commuter cars... Houses have really changed since then: my TI abode is now a contamination zone (lots of Radium 226 in the soil)
  18. OldNuke

    I am cleaning (organizing) the basement

    We were living on TI when the Loma Prieta hit, since it's mostly fill I watched the land roll like a wave and all the houses tilt and roll with it (also saw the Bay Bridge drop a section). Instead of basements we had buried slabs that the houses were bolted to, some 6 to 10 feet down, ~1970s...
  19. OldNuke

    Node 2 capacitor replacement = recovery from red light of death

    Schitt Gungnir Multibit with Unison USB upgrade. Monoprice luxury cable, all of $12's :) .