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  1. 1koolcat

    MAGNEPAN MG 1.6QR Speakers - Twin Cities MN

    FOR SALE BY ORIGINAL OWNER MAGNEPAN MG 1.6 QR Speakers $800.00 (Local pickup preferred near the Twin Cities) One owner, gently used flat panel speaker (pair) for sale. Manufactured right here in Minnesota! Black grills (socks), cherry wood trim with original factory stands in very good...
  2. 1koolcat

    Show me your lamps!

    Here is a mid-century modern teak floor lamp with a cast iron base from the house I grew up in. About five years ago it was looking dirty and beat up so I took it home to restore for my parents' enjoyment. I inherited the lamp after they both passed on. Peter W.
  3. 1koolcat

    Seeking Twin Cities area variac for testing radio with TUBES

    Hello. I've inherited a WWII era ZENITH tube based radio and am looking for someone local in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) with a variac to assist me in powering it on for the first time. My plan is to sell the radio and would like to know if its currently a "runner" or a "doorstop". Thank you...
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    Howdy folks!

    A warm welcome to you.
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    Welcome to you.
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    Central Iowa here

    Welcome aboard. You're in good company.
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    FOR SALE: new, sealed cassettes + a number of used ones - SONY / MAXELL / TDK

    FOR SALE A number of new (sealed) 90 and 100 minute cassettes plus some used tapes including 2 metal MAXELL 100's. These are the last of my cassette stash from when I was still making mix tapes, etc. The majority are MAXELL with four SONYs and a couple of lightly used TDKs. The prices quoted...
  8. 1koolcat

    Hello from Just Another Minnesota Audiophile (JAMA)

    Hello! I was recently steered to these hallowed halls by another Haven member recently and wanted to introduce myself. You may recognize my nom de plume from other online forums. My name is Peter and I have been interested in music and related technologies since I was a small lad. I cut my...
  9. 1koolcat

    SOLD: Vintage Vacuum Tube digital clock - VFD tubes, not NIXIE.

    Vintage Vacuum Tube style digital clock in very good condition - $SOLD A must have for the audiophile who appreciates a good vacuum tube circuit. I found this at an estate sale a few years back. It was in working condition when found but in need of a good cleaning. A tech friend gave it a once...
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    Welcome to the Doorway. But the doorway to what?

    Thanks, MikeT. for that info on the "SPROUT". That might be an elegant solution for my sister's small apartment stereo needs.
  11. 1koolcat

    Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player

    I had another reason to dig through my clear totes full of CDs yesterday and found all of my SACD titles. Now, I just need to set up the software on my WINDOWS computer for "ripping 'em up". Luckily, I already picked up an OPPO BDP-105D from a couple years back.)