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  1. joe83

    Dyna z-565 output transformers wanted

    I’ve been looking for a pair of these transformers for ages but haven’t come across any with 16r outputs. On the off chance anyone here has a pair with 16r secondaries they are not using and would consider selling please get in touch, can be clones but must have the 16r secondaries. thanks!
  2. joe83

    A reminder to take care

    Login • Instagram Appoligies for the instagram link, i hope its worth it.
  3. joe83

    Various bits and pieces

    Hi all I have a few bits and pieces that im unlikely to use for one reason or another and thought maybe someone would be interested or might like to do some trades? im interested in but not limited to potted chokes and push pull output transformers. Im in the UK so that might make things a bit...
  4. joe83

    Mystery transformers

    Hi All I found some small transformers but i have no idea what they could be used for, anyone? Measurements Pin 1-2: 0.2R Pin 3-4: 31R Only 4 pins, i guess the can is grounded?
  5. joe83

    Push Pull 2A3

    Im repurposing this thread originally asking about the output transformers for my proposed 2a3 push pull amplifiers to cover the whole amplifier. revised schematic: R1 : 100K R2 : 1K R3 : 10R R4 : R5 : to drop the voltage a bit for the CCS C1 : to be calculated as this will detirmine the...
  6. joe83

    Diy 5 pin Din to rca phono?

    Can anyone reccomend the best way to go please? Ive started to build a cable to go from my tonearm to SUT, it will need to have a shield. My plan is to conect the 5th pin to the ground on the sut (and maybe the turntable as well?), also to the copper braid for each length to the rca conectors...
  7. joe83

    Hello, from south of England

    This thread has been due an update for a while. Here is the system temporarily setup, hopefully I will be moving to a larger place this year but have been a bit stuck due to COVID. A Garrard 401 with a layered ply plinth, a Schlick 12” arm, various MC carts and SUTs, an Ear 834p clone with...