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  1. Deli


    A new one to me- the term “non-fill”. Unfortunately not a new experience. I have been experiencing this od phenomenon lately uniquely with newer pressings. The first track, close to the edge, a short-lived, soft “ripping” or hash-like static sound, which can be both channels, but often in one...
  2. Deli

    What CDP or DAC cured your itch to keep looking?

    I live with a decent collection of CDs, and enjoy the physical aspect and mechanics of playing CDs- I still remember the first CD player and rapid spinning CD I saw as a pre-teen already fascinated by music and music playback. It was at a neat little store chain in the northeast of USA called...
  3. Deli

    Mushroom Party

    It’s been exceptionally wet in the Northeast of the USA, and mushrooms have been early and abundant. I’ve easily found three chicken of the woods- one just today and well past prime, but one yesterday, fresh and young, and one last week, also fresh and young. Usually I may get lucky and see some...
  4. Deli

    Rainbow party

    Took this a couple years back on this day in July- it was a good day.
  5. Deli

    Fluids on your records

    I’ve gone through about 1000 records, cleaning each, nearly all getting fresh sleeves (usually poly lined with rice paper). Method is one or a combo of the following- Spin Clean with fluid, followed by a second spin clean with distilled water rinse, and/or a pair of VPI 16.5s with sometimes...
  6. Deli

    Conical Stylus for mono rekkids- suggestions please

    Looking for hints and tips on decent conical styli to add to the collection. Would prefer to keep tracking at 2g or under. Nothing extravagant- this is going to be for older 45s and older mono records (until I decide if I will eventually go with a mono cart down the road). I have a decent...
  7. Deli

    Led Zeppelin – ‘In Through The Out Door’ – shipped in 6 sleeve variations

    A pretty nifty concept, the brainchild of Storm Thorgerson of English art design group, Hipgnosis, who were based in London and specialized in album art design. The album featured six different covers- essentially 12 photos of the same subject from different angles and distances in a room- each...
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    Licorice Pizza Delivery

    It was bound to happen… My first vinyl record (aka “licorice pizza”) delivered piping hot and delicious in a pizza box.
  9. Deli

    Vintage GEC KT66 now playing

    Breaking in what I believe to be 100% truly NOS and authentic matched vintage GEC KT66. Beautiful examples with boxes in great condition. These are slated for the auction/for sale bin but I want to give them a few hours run-in (maybe 10, maybe 24?) before moving them along. I’ll likely never...