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    Tips for fixing Altec diaphragms lead wires

    Got a pair of Altec 802-8B. Diaphragms measure open but look in great shape. The lead wires on the diaphragms are severed, ive seen people solder these back together. Any tips or tricks on how best to do this? obviously I know I could buy new diaphragms but if I could fix the old lead...
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    SOLD: Altec/Heathkit 416-8a pair (voice coil rub)

    Up for sale are a pair of heathkit 401-149, which are the same as Altec 416-8a these have voice coil rubbing in both speakers. Not sure if someone could fix it but these are priced so someone could recone them. Local pickup preferred, in New Haven, CT 06511. They will need to be shipped in two...
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    SOLD Altec 802-8G with original light diaphragms

    Up for sale are my Altec 802-8g with the original light diaphragms and tangerine phase plug for best high frequency from an Altec 802. $475 + shipping. I will triple box these so they will arrive safely and not knock around at all during shipping!
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    SOLD Altec 902-8B drivers with mantaray horns - Price lowered

    Selling two Altec 902-8B drivers with Altec mantaray horns. The horns were given to me by fellow forum member woody. So I guess those are included for free. One horn has chipped off corners but functions perfectly. If you haven’t heard the mantarays, you’re in for a treat. the 902-8B have...
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    Sold: Altec 32B plastic horns

    Up for sale are an excellent condition pair of Altec 32 plastic horns. (also have a pair of 808-8b drivers but one of the symbiotic diaphragms has severed leads, the other is fine, $275 for those. Great to turn into 802-8g with some new diaphragms) $350+shipping in CONUS.