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    Klipsch La Scalas for sale, Omaha NE See link for photos! thanks everyone
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    active crossover question

    I have a plan to perhaps try to use an active crossover on the new carmels I picked up. I see a mention of using a 1.5uf cap on the HF driver (16 ohm). Is that the right value or how do I determine that value for the "safety" cap? thanks!
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    altec carmels 838a

    I picked some up and am starting to deal with them. They sound good. Seems to be dual 414z with 804as, N-800 F crossovers. I'm not sure what my plan is but they sound pretty good as is.
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    Parts and pieces, all excellent condition.

    604-8G crossovers-excellent.. I can't find a picture on my computer but they are nice. 416-8b woofer 802-8d drivers 511b horns N501-8a crossovers Looking for offers before it goes to ebay. An altec guy who wants it all will get the best deal. I don't need this stuff and it needs out of...
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    2 pair 604s

    I have really not decided what to do with my extra set of 604s so I stacked them on top of the others. After hearing them up high I'm not so sure I shouldn't consider not even having any on the floor. The ones on the bottom are 604-8gs, ones on the top are 604-8K
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    Z19 crossover vs. GPA off the shelf

    I have seen several recommendations for the Z19 crossover. What would the approximate cost be to build them and are they really an improvement over what I can just buy from GPA? thanks
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    cost of parts, not on ebay.

    I stumbled into a pair of speakers with terrible cabinets but filled with altec goodies. mint pair of 416Bs, 802D, 511bs, 500 HZ crossovers, like N509-8a maybe. What is the going rate on these sold outside of ebay? I'm thinking of making an altec 19 ish type of thing with the parts but I...
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    604-8ks pair, excellent shape. Never mind, keeping them!

    They are in cabinets but if you don't want cabinets and prefer to ship we can do that. Original cones, new GPA diaphragms. No crossovers available at this time. I do have some OEM crossovers for them but I'm keeping them for use with my 604-8Gs , I also have a pair of 604-8g crossovers I...
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    little project with leftovers...

    I put the 604-8ks in some boxes a friend gave me. They are kind of a goofy cabinet but I attached some rocket legs and flipped them over and gave them a coat of porch paint. 604-8Gs are in the 612 style cabinets. They all sound good to me.
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    help with DIY iconic

    First post. I've got a set of 612 (ish) cabinets. They are 9 cubic feet rather than 6. Currently house 604-8gs. Also have 604-8ks with crossovers on hand. I've wanted to have a set of H808 multicellular horns but doesn't seem like I'll ever find any reasonably price and I do have kids and...