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  1. inthewoods

    ( SOLD ) Herron VTPH-2A

    $2300 shipped. Couple of scuffs on the top. I have the user manual. Original box I do not.
  2. inthewoods

    Merry Christmas Folks

    Hope all is well and the new year ahead is a good one. This showed up after a bit of a wait. Fancy smanchy Cosmos.
  3. inthewoods

    H Frames

    Chasing the Dragon, still.
  4. inthewoods

    SUT Transformers

    While Dave's on our minds, I have this ahead of me. I afraid it's going to hum so I'll build a vault for them.
  5. inthewoods

    London Decca Super Gold

    Seriously giving this cartridge a look and was wondering if anyone has had hands-on experience with it?
  6. inthewoods

    Can't wait for Winter.

    This baby compliments my system beautifully. Put's out some heat to boot.
  7. inthewoods


    PCB stuffed
  8. inthewoods

    EML 45's

    Got these for a song. Quite nice actually.
  9. inthewoods

    Voxativ AC-1-6

    The least expensive pair headed my way. Approximate delivery time, 2 weeks.
  10. inthewoods

    Short Vacation to the Southwest.

    Our 3rd trip to this area of the country. No crowds to speak of. Thought I would share a few pics. This was a last minute decision. We had plans for the Northwest but the air quality wasn't very good. The first day we drove to Phoenix. 15 1/2 hrs. Wifes a good sport.
  11. inthewoods

    My 4th ARXA

    This arrived today. It was NOS until Marc touched it. Excuse all the wires, please. There's a lot of stuff in this closet.
  12. inthewoods

    Shelter 501

    AvFan made me do it. Thanks,
  13. inthewoods

    A New Deck?
  14. inthewoods

    Wood Horns

    Wood hack here. I'm attempting a horn build using wood. First I need to try and complete this circle and fabricate a mount for the compression driver. If successful I'll keep going, focusing more on dimensions. Woods not cheap. Didn't draw blood today using power tools. All is good. Got to...
  15. inthewoods

    Non Audio

  16. inthewoods

    Mini DSP HD in a Box

    Now I've gone off the deep end and purchased one of these We will find out just how competent I am when it arrives. Lot's of features.
  17. inthewoods

    VPI Classic I

    $1900. Like new, no cartridge. Original packaging. Shipping included. It's a shadow.
  18. inthewoods

    Sunrise @ the Kane's

  19. inthewoods

    Solder Post

    Can't find these anywhere. I robbed some parts from a crossover and these post's were used for joining parts on something else. Any ideas?
  20. inthewoods

    Listening Room Dilemma

    I've got a few bucks to burn. Pondering the idea of building a standalone listening room/hobby room. From my research 17x27x10 seems to be ideal. I'll add 10' to the width so I can have a spot to store my motorcycles and my wife has her own space also. This way I won't clutter up the house with...