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  1. Doghouse Riley

    A Real Stunner!

    I found this on another board. Be still my beating heart. What a beauty! Can any one identify the make of this machine for me?
  2. Doghouse Riley

    Tuner Cord Woes.

    This is my 1976 Leak 2000 tuner/amp, I bought it quite cheaply on ebay, the best part of fifteen years ago, before the "vinyl revival" pushed up the prices of second hand equipment. It replaced a Philips 790 I bought in 1972 which had given up the ghost, the repair estimate was ridiculous...
  3. Doghouse Riley

    !930s Ever Ready Portable Radio

    BBC TV has a regular programme called "The Repair Shop." It's where people bring in treasured posessions they've had for decades, many with family associations, to be repaired or restored. The emphasis is more on the emotional reactions at the "reveal" as much as...
  4. Doghouse Riley

    Another Project

    My golf club had been closed for a month and I'm up to date with garden, so I was looking for something to do. I'd been using the speakers in a 1967 Rock-Ola 507 jukebox wall box for mp3s on a succession of PCs and then laptops when I've been in my office.....alright... our small box...
  5. Doghouse Riley

    One Hit Wonders

    Discussing these on a couple of music board today I posted this, it got to No 8, here in the UK but made no impression in the USA, so unlikely to be known in Canada, which is a shame. We saw him in the seventies at the Golden Garter nightclub in Wythenshawe in South Manchester.. He recorded...
  6. Doghouse Riley

    A Bit of Nostalgia

    A new documentary on TV last night that interested me. Ronnie Scott and his Club BBC4 9.00pm Sunday. Ronnie opened his first club in a basement in Gerrard Street in 1959. Still a teenager (just), I saw an advert for it in the Melody Maker before it opened and I applied to join, it cost me...
  7. Doghouse Riley

    Sometimes when repair jobs get on top of you, you have to just walk away...
  8. Doghouse Riley


    A few people know like many others I'm into vinyl jukeboxes, I've two and I've had them for over ten years. I've not bought any 45rpm records for some time, but recently bought a few to "ring the changes," in one of them, although I've over thirty in a record rack, that are now "out of favour"...
  9. Doghouse Riley

    Sometimes It's Something Simple

    I've a couple of vinyl jukeboxes. I've had them for well over a decade. I didn't pay a lot for them, they'd been in private hands for more than half their lifetimes, so just needed a bit of tarting up cosmetically and a "lube job." I keep them in this I built thirty years ago at the bottom of...
  10. Doghouse Riley

    What You Can Do With a Garden Only 81ft X 27ft

    Actually, two thirds of it, is only 18ft wide. For 33 years until last year, our "rose patio" was a 5ft deep 3000 gall koi pool, but a serious leak forced a choice of a major re-construction job to fit a new liner, or fill it in and pave it over. As it was. Apart from the fill in and...
  11. Doghouse Riley

    Old & New Technology.... Old is more reliable!

    I must confess I don't often use my jukebox wallbox/adaptor/i-Pod/Vintage hi-fi system that much. Despite the fact that I've two of them. But now and again I like to make sure they are working perfectly. As I do my two vinyl jukeboxes I keep in our summerhouse at the bottom of the garden. (My...
  12. Doghouse Riley

    Sunrise Valley Serenade

    This might bring a tear to the eye of those "of a certain age." I've recently re-watched the film "Memphis Belle," which I recorded from the TV. In it you hear just a snatch of this on the B17's radio as the crew go on a bombing run as the radio operator searches the radio. It comes from...
  13. Doghouse Riley

    More Old Technology

    The link to this video was sent by a fellow contributor to a jukebox enthusiasts' message board. This is a Wurlitzer 800, from 1940, which he has restored to its original condition, both mechanically and electrically. So it's now 76 years old. Yet the reproduction, given that it's playing an...
  14. Doghouse Riley

    Vinyl Revival

    Not sure where I read about this, but I found this BBC video interesting. It was reported that this Czech record company pressed 18,000,000 records last year. The tour showed the processes, much of the equipment used was forty years old...
  15. Doghouse Riley

    Postmodern Jukebox

    I love this They take popular songs and present them differently. Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. They've their own YouTube channel with 185 videos. Different performers and the girls can tap dance...
  16. Doghouse Riley

    Natalie Cressman

    She's a jazz trombone player with her own band. But like many brass and reed musicians, she has a great voice, good tone and sings in tune. She also has a huge range, not particularly evident in available YouTube videos. However, this was uploaded to YouTube but later removed, but not before...
  17. Doghouse Riley

    After Hours 1961

    I uploaded, this recording of Barry Galbraith to YouTube in 201l: "He Was Too Good To Me." It's on an album I bought in 1959 when I was in my teens, called "After Hours Jazz." I was searching for more videos in 2014 and found this, with less...
  18. Doghouse Riley


    I noticed there wasn't a thread for it. I guess you might say, "hardly surprising." This might be of interest to anyone whose interests also include old phonograph technology.