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  1. Redboy

    Frozen fun in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

    I live in Minnesota. Yes, it's the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and it really is a beautiful state. Most of you know me for DIY audio but I also love the great outdoors. And Minnesota happens to be home to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, which is certainly one of the most beautiful...
  2. Redboy

    SOLD: Campfire Audio *Comet* earphones

    SOLD I purchased this pair of Campfire Audio Comet earphones about a year ago, thinking I would up my audio game during the bus commute. Turns out my ears are weird and they do not fit me. So... these are basically brand new. I knew right away that they weren't going to work for me, but I...
  3. Redboy

    SOLD: Fairchild 412 turntable project

    Anyone interested in a turntable project? I have a very nice example of a Fairchild 412-1A turntable available. It's in vintage, unrestored condition and will need a plinth, some spit and polish, and the usual vintage turntable overhaul stuff... Asking $445 for this one. I'll add some...
  4. Redboy

    OFF: The Peak tonearm

    This is probably a bad idea but I am listing my "The Peak" tonearm here, first... This is Stefano Bertoncello's creation, a really wonderful arm. ABEC 7 bearings and everything is hand-made... arm mass is 20 grams Comes with two different counterweights, one "donut" shaped and the other an...
  5. Redboy

    SOLD: Auditorium 23 A23 speaker cables, 3m pair

    Up for grabs is a very nice pair of Auditorium 23 speaker cables. These are 3m (~10ft) long, slightly longer than the more commonly found 2.5m. Very Good condition with no damage to note. No kinks or tears in the outer sheath; connectors are clean and straight. $SOLD
  6. Redboy

    System updates, hastily made

  7. Redboy

    In search of unicorns... Redboy's WEshlist

    I'm on the hunt for some Western Electric speaker parts and while it seems like a long shot to post a WTB thread here, a fellow forum member once urged me to "put it out to the universe" and see what comes of it... So here goes. I'll put it out to the Haven, to start. :) My list is decidedly...
  8. Redboy

    You've never seen tube amps like these before!

    This just popped up on my FB feed. Not in the obnoxious way, but posted by a friend. If I weren't so committed to DIY tube amps that look like salvaged junk, I would want these. Wow.
  9. Redboy

    SOLD: Tango XE-20S output transformers

    $SOLD Hirata Tango XE-20S $SOLD
  10. Redboy

    WTB: Altec/Peerless TBB-103 transformers

    Yeah, I know it's a long shot... I'd like to find a pair of Altec / Peerless TBB-103 input transformers for a SUT project. Haven't ever heard a pair of them. I have lots of other transformer goodies here to trade toward a pair, or I'll dig deep into the wallet reserves for the right pair...
  11. Redboy

    Oh, no! Art Dudley's gone...

    :-( Art Dudley, Rest in Peace
  12. Redboy

    That weird space under the stairs...

    My house is one of those 1980s split-level things that popped up by the gazillions in every suburban ring across the American Midwest. If you've ever been in one, you can picture my house now. Not fancy. Not particularly interesting. Just... practical. The basement isn't really a basement...
  13. Redboy

    I am grudgingly doing the digital thing...

    ...and you can't make me like it!! 😒 Fifteen months ago, I sold my Bel Canto CD2 because I knew I needed a push to get started ripping my CDs... That didn't work! I thought I'd try a streaming service, but I haven't gotten around to it. I listen to the radio, instead. I have tried...
  14. Redboy

    The JE Labs/ Angela SE 2A3 amplifier, revisited

    Twelve years ago I launched into my first scratch-built DHT amplifier project with one of @je2a3's designs. I'd gotten a taste of the single-ended sound from a couple of console pulls I was playing with, and I wanted to skip some steps and go straight to the good stuff! With a bit of...
  15. Redboy

    WTT: My Feastrex field coils for...

    I think I’m ready to try something different, so I'm putting this out to the universe... :) I have a nice pair of Feastrex 5” field coil speakers that have been my main speakers for about five years. They are truly special, like nothing you’ve heard before. I’m looking for an excellent pair...
  16. Redboy

    SOLD: Thomas Schick 12" tonearm

    I'm letting this one go to focus on another project. If you're interested, act fast... I am listing it here first, but you'll see it elsewhere very soon. I've had this for a couple of years, but it's in very nice condition. Asking price is $1275. Original packaging is included. More...
  17. Redboy

    SOLD: Altec 32 horns

    These are currently listed 'elsewhere' so I thought I should list them here, too. :) Here's a really nice pair of aluminum Altec 32 bent horns for your next project. Asking price is $350 plus shipping. Nate Click the image below for a full album of photos.
  18. Redboy

    It's a DIY S&B TX102 TVC... OK?

    Pardon the silly thread title. :rolleyes: I built another Transformer Volume Control recently, this one with a pair of Stevens & Billington TX-102 transformers that I'd squirreled away. I've assembled several of these "passive preamplifiers" before, and recent builds have had rather swanky...
  19. Redboy

    FOMO and the RNHP

    FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out... I’m pretty sure that’s what drove my decision to buy the Rupert Neve Precision Headphone Amplifier, or RNHP as it’s called. I mean it certainly wasn’t because I got a great deal on the thing. No, this time — for the first time in a very long time — I paid...
  20. Redboy

    Available SUTs

    I build step up transformer boxes (SUTs) with different vintage input trafos and release them into the wild as a way to feed my hifi habit. I will post some of them here from time to time; you may see them listed at AudioKarma, as well. The SUT enclosure is entirely handcrafted, and I use the...