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    Post pictures of your listening space

    My current main system as of today. Pulled a lot of gear out of the main system and put together the simplest all streaming system I could. A Fleawatt TPA3116 amp, Sonos Connect streamer and Micca RB42 speakers. Sounds great. If I don't get all anxious about its low cost or its inability to...
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    WTB small vintage box speakers (Chicago?)

    I am curious if you have tried just a single Bluetooth speaker in the room, preferably located near field to where you want to sit. My curiosity was peaked a few months ago after seeing a YouTube video of a guy who could just not get stereo to sound good due to the liveliness of the room...
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    Name a Toy You Loved From Your Childhood

    For me it was Mattel Electronics hockey.
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    Help trying to find transistors

    thanks so much. I will pass the information to my friend.
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    Help trying to find transistors

    A friend of mine is looking for replacement transistors for a Tandberg integrated amplifier. His tech hasn't been able to locate any so hoping someone here can point me to a source for him. I believe they are from Hitachi. He is looking for two of each. Please see attached photo. Any help...
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    Your Favourite, Now Sadly Defunct, Stores?

    Was trying to find some pictures online of a couple of other favourites that have closed in the last 10 years or so and can't find a single photo. One was a stereo store called Audio Oasis in the west end of Toronto and the other was a local video rental place called Price-Less Video. Both...
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    Your Favourite, Now Sadly Defunct, Stores?

    A picture from the internet of my favourite all time record store. It was located on a small side street in downtown Toronto near the University of Toronto campus. My enjoyment of vinyl pretty much disappeared when they closed this shop down maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I believe they had been in...
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    Sparkler Audio

    Can't wait to hear your opinion on this gear.
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    Anyone only streaming music now?

    The only real fear I have got the future of streaming would be of companies started getting exclusive rights to certain bands. I don't think the subscription price could go up much above the $10 to $20 per month range as most non music lovers wouldn't pay more than that. But what if, like what...
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    Anyone only streaming music now?

    Interesting that you say you don't think the cloud based services are viable in their current form. I have wondered about that as well. But I would think most non audio hobbyists have abandoned buying CDs and vinyl long ago. I wonder what a future without streaming by subscription would even...
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    Anyone only streaming music now?

    I suspect many here are the same and love their physical media. I guess for me part of the issue is that I really don't have much physical media that isn't available via streaming. If I had a bunch of MFSL CDs it would likely be worth keeping them and a cd player, but I don't have any...
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    Anyone only streaming music now?

    Just curious if anyone has completely sold off all of their physical media and moved only to streaming. I am up to about 99.9 percent streaming these days and am very tempted to sell off the last of my physical media, which is less than ten records (got rid of the turntable last winter) and a...
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    Need smaller speakers- where to go, what to do?

    Do you know what amp you will be using. I believe you have both a very high end, high powered power amp and also a very low powered Leben tube amp. Probably very different choice in speakers depending on what you plan to use. The Leben will likely have far fewer suitable choices.
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    Larsen Ortho-acoustic Speakers

    I can't help much with the Larsson speakers but I did have a pair of Sonab speakers from which these descended. I think mine were oa12s but it was a while ago. Overall I liked them a lot but at the time I was flipping gear like crazy. I believe the history goes that Stig Carlsson first had...
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    Show me your lamps!

    I really like his site as well. I do have one of his earlier chip amps and had him build a passive preamp for me when I was running active speakers. A really talented guy.
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    Sparkler Audio

    I really love the look of the Sparkler amp. I suspect it would sound outstanding with the right speakers. But that said, I don't think I would buy a 7 watt per channel amp without hearing it or if I was going to be swapping speakers a lot. Not a criticism of the amp in any way. But there are...
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    Sparkler Audio

    A bit off topic but always liked this video about the shigaraki stuff made by 47 labs.
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    Sparkler Audio

    Very curious how this system works out. Love the aesthetics of the Sparkler audio stuff. Reminds me a bit of the quirkiness of the shigaraki line from 47 labs from 10years back. Also curious about the audio notes but especially the mark audios as they seem similar to the Jordan drivers that...
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    The Life After Covid Thread - A Celebration of the Return to Normalcy

    Don't forget to add Weird Science to the list. Probably not as popular as many of the other John Hughes films, but in my opinion one of the best.
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    I believe the major issue in this case is the requirement for Canadians to quarantine for 14 days after coming from the US. So few people would want to enter the US for 15 minutes to get the shot and then have to quarantine for 14 days at home. Also I believe there were issues in the us...