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  1. Airframer

    Guitar Players?

    Don't know if any of you play guitar, but something magical is about to happen to this Fender CVR... A pair of somethings, in fact! As soon as I head to the hardware store for some longer screws due the the EV cast frames.
  2. Airframer

    And so it begins.....

    Both need service/repair, but they're here now! Plan is to create a small rack in the middle of the cabinet for these and power distribution - just wanted to get an idea of what it will look like. I plan to use the 122 for recording and the 112 (cool "B" unit with balanced XLR connections)...
  3. Airframer

    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Hi folks and thanks for having me! I got started in this hobby, shoot, almost 9 years ago when I lived in the Seattle area and decent old gear littered the ground at all the thrift stores. I had a great Craigslist hustle in those days, along with trading up over time - lots of cool stuff...