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  1. tomlinmgt

    "Skipfest" 2021 - Oct 16 in Arlington, TX

    Even my fiance asked me if they were broken.
  2. tomlinmgt

    Room Acoustic Treatment - Next Steps

    Very nice, Mike! Now, about that hard reflective surface right behind your head....
  3. tomlinmgt

    Triangle Borea bro3 vs. Elac UniFi 2.0 vs. Elac UniFi Reference vs All

    I see you've moved beyond the prospect of grabbing the Triangles, but for the record I tried BRO3's in a 16x20x8 space, fully treated with absorption and diffusion, and though they sound about as big as I've ever heard a speaker that size sound (and damn nice), they still couldn't take command...
  4. tomlinmgt

    Who here has experience with Aerial Acoustic 7b?

    Good info, Uplander. But it's a little bittersweet...the seller is having second thoughts about letting them go. And I dusted off a set of 1290 II's yesterday to check them over before I put them on the market to help fund the Aerial purchase. :\
  5. tomlinmgt

    Who here has experience with Aerial Acoustic 7b?

    Thanks for the kind words, fellas. Just to be clear, I'm looking at 7b's, not 7t's. My understanding is the 7b's are a more "forgiving" speaker (which I need in the room they're intended for) than the 7t's or 10t's...yet I've also read some say the 7b's are very revealing of changes to upstream...
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    Who here has experience with Aerial Acoustic 7b?

    Getting remarried soon and bride to be mentioned she preferred the aesthetic of the veneered Chorus II's I once had in my living room system (for TV and background music) over the current JBL Studio 590's (too black). A set of the Aerials in question has become available somewhat locally (about...
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    2021 Audio Plans

    About to pour slab for a 19'x24' listening space. This will be attached to a detached, 20'x20' garage/shop that sits about 100' from the house. It will likely have a vaulted ceiling that goes from 9' to 15' and will be replete with a variety of acoustic treatments. I'll also use the space to...
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    ifi iDSD Micro DAC/headphone amp...$270

    Unit has been out of the box but never used and is in as new condition with all original packaging and accessories. Shipping to lower 48 included if you pay asking price. Paypal, Venmo and cash (local sale) gladly accepted. Buyer pays any transaction fees.
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    Energy Veritas 2.8 - A High Point in Canadian Speaker Design

    Since we all have our own unique physiological characteristics, not to mention environmental factors, that influence what we hear, personal taste ruling the day is hifi axiom. I mean, after hearing GR Research's NX-Tremes with the OB servo subs, I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't be fully...
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    Energy Veritas 2.8 - A High Point in Canadian Speaker Design

    It's apparent that Energy/API was intent on making something special here. I mean, they're built like a tank. They have the most solid and non resonant cabinet of any speaker Ive ever owned with several interesting and unique (without being gimmicky) features incorporated into the design...
  11. tomlinmgt

    Energy Veritas 2.8 - A High Point in Canadian Speaker Design

    Well, always sucks a little when you find out you have the model that was the reason for the one that "got it right". Lol
  12. tomlinmgt

    Energy Veritas 2.8 - A High Point in Canadian Speaker Design

    Not sure either of those larger Veritas models would've fixed the scale issue. I have ADS 1290/2's which have a similar driver complement (except fabric dome mids and tweeters) and although they can create a sound stage of satisfying scale and density, they still sound rather hamstrung next to...
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    Energy Veritas 2.8 - A High Point in Canadian Speaker Design

    I have the Veritas 2.2. Picked them up about seven years ago when they popped up on the local market. I was about three years into the hobby at the time, had worked my way through a good variety of vintage "all-stars", was getting into flagship vintage models (read "huge") and even dabbling in...
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    DAC, I'm amazed and overwhelmed with all the options and could use some suggestions.

    Oh hell...look who's here! This guy is practically my next door neighbor. Welcome aboard, Skip! Michael
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    Bass traps and other room treatments from my friend on the Dayton DSP/DRC unit is positive. He said it took a bit to figure out how to use all the features (UI not all that great), but once he did he was very pleased with the results.
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    QRD Diffuser

    This is the leanfuser stepped diffuser configured in the 7-module array mocked up on the floor before I mounted it. That's seven individual units, so mounting it wasn't as daunting a task as it may seem. Worth noting is that I stood the diffuser array four inches off the wall so I could get a...
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    QRD Diffuser

    Like a perfectly broke in pair of boots. As long as I have room for 'em, my A25's are stayin' put.
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    QRD Diffuser

    I built my first 2D QRD from the blue dense foam 4x8 insulation boards. The frame was pine and the well dividers were thin craft ply, but the well faces were done with the foam. The next 2D QRD build used cedar 1"x2" for the well faces. Yes, it was heavier, but not by much, and I preferred the...
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    QRD Diffuser

    Yes...I've built several different types of diffusers and a few different QRD'S. I've built them from wood and styrofoam, and built from plans and from the QRDude freeware. The easiest to build were the stepped leanfusers from Arquen acoustics...seen here on my front wall (the diffusers on the...
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    Bass traps and other room treatments

    Thanks for the kind words, Mark. I use the DSpeaker unit I mentioned earlier. I have three of them in the living room system with two SVS 12" sealed subs (both in the same corner) and one in the garage rig with a pair of DIY 12" sealed subs in stereo (that's the system you've seen...