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  1. geoff

    One Pretty Lab

  2. geoff

    Night Moves

  3. geoff

    Rediscovering The Joys of Near Field

    my nearfield setup, TD160 has been replaced with a TD124. Hard to get work done sometimes.
  4. geoff

    Happy Birthday Tsingtao_1903

  5. geoff

    So...What do you think?

  6. geoff

    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

  7. geoff

    Wall Art

    you left out the r
  8. geoff

    Wall Art

    On a school in an Italian village.
  9. geoff

    Mushroom Party

    Do any of these get you high?
  10. geoff

    A Real Stunner!

    not bad, for a girl
  11. geoff

    Livestream: Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Spaceflight

    $250K for a few orbits, maybe.
  12. geoff

    Wooden bicycles

    Saw this bamboo bike in SF.
  13. geoff

    Happy Birthday Prime Minister

  14. geoff

    Happy 4th of July

  15. geoff

    Happy Canada Day!

    Maybe someday we’ll be allowed to visit again.
  16. geoff

    Thorens TD124 - A dream table still?

    Love mine - this one is in the living room.
  17. geoff

    80 best dylan covers

    Not this one
  18. geoff

    Happy Birthday Marantzfan

  19. geoff

    Happy Birthday Redboy

  20. geoff

    Happy Birthday Rogerfederer