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  1. maxddnj

    Kutztown May 7th and 8th 2021

    Did anyone make it out to Kutztown last weekend?
  2. maxddnj

    Got another project I don’t need. Plus I have questions...

    Looks similar in size to that bison head! You have a sweeet space Woody.
  3. maxddnj

    Motorized filament spool roller

    Is the printer eating plastic that fast or are you testing the rig in your video?
  4. maxddnj

    gifting a turntable to the girlfriend, with back story

    Keep it cheap and simple and get a maxxxed out U-Turn Audio
  5. maxddnj

    Source selector, remote and tube sockets for DIY. Recommendations welcome!

    That setup in the video is cool. Is it using an optical encoder and relays. What’s making the click/tick nosies? Wonder if it’s a magnetic speaker/buzzer on the control board or mechanical contact? I have a few of the Khozmo attenuators in various amps/preamps from their older cylindrical...
  6. maxddnj

    Voigt Domestic Corner Horn

    The concrete part looks awesome. Did the 3D printed part of the mold slide-out once the concrete hardened or did you have to destroy it to pull it out?