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    Overwhelmed with Amp choices, styles, types Any advice on how to narrow down model & brands.

    Well sticking with 2 channel will make it a bit easier to chose. Getting into the world of multichannel choices 7.1 9.1 etc etc would be even more taxing and generally lower quality overall for the budget. I have an Audiolab 6000A for second system which is a good value for an feature packed...
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    Canadian hifi news (FYI/FWIW): Bryston sold

    Hmmm, be interesting to see if they retain the 20 year warranty on new gear. I suppose they have no choice to but to honour that warranty sold with the thousands of components out there already. The 4B in all its iterations is legendary up here.
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    J-M Reynaud

    Yes good reviews on the silvers, that’s part of what led me down the path to the Jubilee. Had some LS50’s before these also some PMC floor standers teamed with the Sphinx. Both sounded good but not nearly as captivating, there is a certain tonality I can’t really describe but it just pulls me...
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    J-M Reynaud

    Hi Steve. Currently a Rouge Sphinx V1, Topping DAC or Rega P6 source.
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    J-M Reynaud

    Greetings. I wanted to jump in and provide my two cents on the new Jubilee Bliss. These qualify as the the best money I have ever spent on audio gear. The musicality is off the charts, balanced tonality, clarity, presence, sound stage all fantastic. I did not purchase the recommended JMR magic...