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  1. Golden Gate ER

    What are you listening to right now ?

    New album from THURISAZ
  2. Golden Gate ER

    Altec 3000h repair?

    I can repair them Golden Gate Electronics Repair Located in Reno Nevada
  3. Golden Gate ER

    K E F 107/2

    These speakers are not my cup of tea. KEF 107/2 for sale or trade for 104s Located in Reno Nevada
  4. Golden Gate ER

    K E F 107/2

    200w Yamaha M80 pushing them. KUBE or no KUBE, no difference. Surrounds are all good.
  5. Golden Gate ER

    K E F 107/2

    I was looking for KEF 104s when I found these 107s. These sound great but seen to be lacking in the bass department. Anyone fimilar with these? What is the trick to maximizing these monsters?
  6. Golden Gate ER

    Dalquist dq LP1- Please recommend a competent technician that could modify

    I could perform any repairs modified or restoration you can dream up.
  7. Golden Gate ER

    Stereo Subwoofers

    Second hand M&K sub would be my first choice
  8. Golden Gate ER

    Hi-fi VS Home Theater

    With my background I should have the answer to this however, it escapes me. Speakers intended for Home Theater use sound amazing for soundtracks & movie scores in either 5.1 or 2.0 playback. When playing music in 2.0 playback from the same speakers via the same equipment the speakers sound...
  9. Golden Gate ER

    Tube brands

    There are a lot of different brands of tubes now as compared to 20 years ago. Some are outrageously expensive from new manufacturers. Some are revamp from old manufacturers. Some are new manufactured & using a old name. Plus some are new and dirt cheap. It's foolish to believe that every...
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    Should I or Shouldn’t I?

  11. Golden Gate ER

    Engine work for charity

    Emissions systems in densely populated areas is a very very good thing. In secluded & rual areas it's simply not necessary and there's a steep and expensive burden. My hatred of diesel after treatment systems is that the public is forced to have it & it's outrageously expensive to maintain...
  12. Golden Gate ER

    Engine work for charity

    Here is something you don't see every day. This here is a 6-71 Detroit Diesel. She is a 2-stroke that is 100℅ mechanical. all that is required to run this engine is a fuel source & a way to start it. via electric starter, air starter & yes even hand crank. Rated at 150 to 318 HP depending on...
  13. Golden Gate ER

    storing speakers in freezing temps

    I have turntables, amps, reel2reel, antique radio, many speakers along with mountains of parts cartridges & test equipment stored in my garage. It's currently 12°F outside. This weekend it will drop into the negative temperature & I'll have about 2' of snow on the ground....again. I do not...
  14. Golden Gate ER

    let’s hear about your most “POWER, POWER, POWER, free cowboy hats to the first 500 in line” system

    Most powerful amps I own are: A pair of Phase Linear 700 series 2. I think they are 400 W channel. I don't really care for them. I feel they are on the bright side and "hissy" in the high range. Sherwood Newcastle 7 Channel power amp. It's 250W X 7 channels. My favorite and most used big...
  15. Golden Gate ER

    These Damn Kids Nowadays.....

    Meg Myers....singer. song writer, musician that started Her professional career at 16, she is now 24ish. Her singing style at times reminds me of Torri Aimos. No 2 of her songs are the same however all are likeable. In my personal opinion the absolute most promising future mega star.
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    These Damn Kids Nowadays.....

    I'm fully convinced that Zora Cock is by far the most gifted new vocalist today. Her vocal control is absolutely nothing short of amazing.
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    Ok, someone explain this to me...

    $95.00 ! Wow what a deal
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    How Do You Keep Track Of The Wear On Your Stylus?

    I don't keep track of ware. I simply listen to the music until it sounds like crap or until the diamond falls off. At which point I'll replace the stylus or the entire cartridge
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    Was Out Shopping For a 4K or 8K TV. And I hated the Picture

    I too notice these things with TVs, drives me nuts. The other things I noticed is during fast moving images some TVs will pixelate around the outline of an object. To be honest I am fully convinced that the best TV image for my eye is a 720P HD CRT tube. Lost dinosaurs now. Currently I...
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    Today's Metal/Stoner/Doom, etc. playlist.

    Yes the Hu is excellent and unique in the world of metal or whatever they are.