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  1. cableguy

    Paradigm Studio 60 v3 Floorstanding Speakers

    These need no introduction. I'd rate these a 7.5/10 - 1 or 2 minor scratches, looks used but well maintained. Pickup in Barrhaven (Ottawa) for CAD$800. Join me for a hot beverage and a demonstration. Studio 60 v3 Specifications Design: 3 driver, 2-1/2-way Tower / Floorstander Frequency...
  2. cableguy

    Today's Blues playlist

    Latest from Harry Manx :)
  3. cableguy

    Trends Audio 10.2 now has ALPS volume pot as standard equipment

    Just got news from Trends Audio that the ALPS volume pot is now standard on the base 10.2 amp.
  4. cableguy

    Unity Audio's Inner Soul Tower review

    Check it out at Wall Of Sound! The reviewer was kind enough to reference and include links with the Inner Soul monitor.
  5. cableguy

    Alpha Design Labs ADL Stride II Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC

    Would love to include photos - but still having issues uploading (!) Cross posted at Canuck Audio Mart: Free shipping at my asking price of CAD$180. Retail price on this...
  6. cableguy

    Inner Soul v2 introductory special

    Dealer inquiries invited. I'm offering a special to HiFiHaven members on the new Inner Soul v2 speaker - no tax and free shipping anywhere in Canada and the conUS. All-inclusive price of CAD$750 for these 2 pairs only. I have 2 pairs available in maple laminate - pics taken with and without...
  7. cableguy

    Can you guess which ones are false?

    Can you guess which of the following are true and which are false? 1. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. 2. Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button. 3. A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately 2 teeth every 10 years. 4. People do not get sick...
  8. cableguy

    Nagaoka MP-110 review

    For those who are interested, I was forwarded this independent YouTube video review of phono cartridges where the Nagaoka MP-110 was declared the winner in it's price category. The selection of cartridges was based on lowest price...
  9. cableguy

    Cyber Monday DEAL - Unity Audio Inner Soul, finsihed in Canadian Maple, free shipping

    As much as I'd like to include a pic, the system won't allow me to upload anything. These are also posted o CAM at This special offer will expire at midnight on November 28, 2016...
  10. cableguy

    Customer feedback on Unity Audio's Richmond speakers

    Just got some feedback from a customer who purchased a pair, and thought I'd share :dance "The most succinct and telling analysis I can offer for the Richmonds is that I forget about them most of the time and just enjoy the music itself. They are not as dynamic as the $30K Acapella horn...
  11. cableguy

    Unity Audio Inner Soul speakers in light ash, great with SET and small spaces

    These are also posted on CAM at Special offer only to the membership of HiFi Haven - CAD$799 shipped to your door (Canada and conUS) Light ash veneer pictured below - note the...
  12. cableguy

    Unity Audio website updated

    Website updated with a specials page, as well as music recommendations! Check it out
  13. cableguy

    Unity Audio now in the GTA!

    Stop by Odyssey Audio in the GTA to check out the full line of Unity Audio products. Hand crafted with pride in Canada's capital! Odyssey Audio Canada 8051 Keele Street, Unit 3A Vaughan, ON L4K 1Y9 613-970-7171 / 647-794-4115
  14. cableguy

    Customer feedback on a Unity Audio Solid Link AC cable

    Hi Omer, I just wanted to thank you again. I received the cable a couple of days ago, I apologise for not letting you know right away. I honestly can't say if it's the cable or the fact that it finally reaches my Blue Circle power conditioner, or both, but the sound comparison between my music...
  15. cableguy

    A Band Called Death

    Just watched this last night. Excellent documentary, reminds me a lot of "Searching For Sugarman" in the sense that it introduced me to a band that I hadn't heard of doing music that I grew up on. Definitely worth the watch...
  16. cableguy

    A haven indeed!

    It's been a while since I've written anything as an opening post. For the longest time it seems that I was comfortable responding to questions on other forums. Used to get very involved with Audiokarma and Canuck Audio Mart when they were fresh in 2003-ish. As well as Audioweb. Anybody else...