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    Altec 311-90 and Altec 288c driver

    For sale is a Single Altec 311-90 horn and Altec 288c driver. They are in excellent condition. The horn is a little dusty but otherwise in perfect condition. The driver is in almost like new condition. You normally don’t see them this clean. It had its original diaphragm and sounds great. I’m...
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    Edcor CXPP-30-MS-5K OPT Transformer Pair 30watt 5k:4,8,16 Push Pull

    For sale is a pair of Brand New never used Edcor Transformers. They are PP 5k. I bought them for a build but that never happened. Buy these and you don't have to wait a month to get them. Price: $140 Free Shipping.
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    Marantz 10B Tuner NO Longer Available

    For Sale is a Marantz 10B tuner. It has been in my collection for a long time just sitting on a shelf so its time to go! The tuner is in original condition as I can tell and Works Great.. I hooked up a bare wire to the tuner and I pulled in some stations really good. Imagine if you used a Proper...
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    Marantz 8 Amplifier SOLD

    For sale is a Marantz 8 (not 8b). I have owned and used this amp for many years and its time for a New home. I have decided to just concentrate on my DIY stuff instead of Vintage Consumers pieces. When I got it had a lot of leaky caps so I recapped it using Nichicon QXP film caps( Terry Dewick...
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    Wanted RCA Theater Amplifiers!

    If anyone has RCA Theater amps Contact me. I need to expand my collection. They will be used and not sit around collecting dust.
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    Mcintosh MC225 Amplifier for Sale SOLD!!

    For Sale is a Mcintosh MC225 amp that has been in my collection for about 5 years. During those 5 years it has been sitting on a shelf waiting to be used. I always like Mcintosh but I like DIY stuff more so thats the reason I never used this amp. Now its time for someone to actually use this amp...
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    Audio Technica ATP-12T NOS/NIB. SOLD!!!

    For sale is a NIB ATP-12T tonearm. The arm has never been mounted and some of its parts are still in sealed bags. I bought it but never used it. Also I'm running a transcription table now so this arm is too short. $375 Free Shipping
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    Western Electric KS12027 Horn 3D Printed Pair

    For sale is a pair of my version of the WE KS12027 horn. The process began when I sent my original KS12027 to a 3D manufacturing company to get scanned. From there we remolded the throat from 3/4" to 1" to accommodate 2 bolt compression drivers like the Altec 802. During the testing phase we...
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    Altec 606 Corner Speaker with Altec 602a 15" Driver SOLD!!

    For Sale is a Altec 606 cabinet with a 602a coaxial 15"in working condition. The 3000 tweeter is working fine and with no problems. The woofer cone however has a 2 rips in the surround and a cracked cone as seen in the pictures. I personally repaired them using the correct method and have...
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    Western Electric 757A Clones

    Well I finally finished my WE 757A's. Its been over a year in the making and a few bucks but I did it. The sound is Absolutely Glorious. Those WE engineers are GOOD! I have built the cabinets based on the original dimensions and got the front baffle as close to the original material as possible...
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    Goldwood GW-1858 Woofer Pair

    For sale is a pair of Goldwood GW-1858 woofers. They are great for open baffles. Last year I bought 2 pairs for a project but I only used one pair. This pair is Brand New and Never mounted. I did however test them and they are working fine. Local Pick up in the NYC Tristate area only. $100 for...
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    Altec 755 or Saba Greencone Guitar Top Wood Cabinet Pair SOLD!!

    For sale is a pair of custom made cabinets I made many years ago. They are constructed on a pine frame work covered with Sitka Spruce guitar tops with Cherry wood on the corners. I original was using these with 755e's and Siemens paper cone tweeters. I was going for a mix of Altec 618,WE TA-733...
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    Western Electric at The Ryman Auditorium

    Hear are some Vintage pictures from the Ryman in Nashville. I was watching Ken Burns Country Music documentary well all of a sudden I saw a still pic and said Holy Crap was that a 757. Well I rewound the show and it was. I found these pictures on the internet. Enjoy. It looks like the didn't use...
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    Burt Goldblatt Photos

    I hope this counts as a submission to 'The Darkroom'. The local Jazz Museum near my house in their archives have a Large collection of Burt Goldblatt's negatives. The founder and curator of The Jazz Loft during Covid has been producing videos of the collections t the loft. If you are every in...
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    RCA MI-9595 Horn Pair

    A Great pair of horns! They are in excellent condition for their age. At some time the throat adapters were drilled for Altec 288's. This seems like a common practice back in the days. I have seen this a lot and have other RCA Ubangi horns drilled the same way. At the moment they are only...
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    New Western Electric Project

    Finally after 3 years I have started this project. About 3 years ago I built a pair of replica 26a horns using 1/8" plywood and then I stopped there. Because of the COV ID 19 I have a lot of free time now and I got motivated this past weekend. Enjoy the pics and I will be posting more. BTW I...
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    Wharfedales SFB SOLD

    They have been sold. Thanks for looking
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    Altec 605B Speaker pair with N-1600d Crossovers

    For sale is a pair of Altec 605's with crossovers. I bought these a few years ago and never got around to using them plus I have too many speakers at the moment. They came from the original owner who had them in ugly DIY boxes. Overall they are in excellent shape but one cone has faded and the...
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    Gallo Speakers SOLD

    For Sale is my pair of Gallo Reference 3 Speakers. They are the later version of the 3's when they removed the tweeter switch and upgraded a few components inside. I have had these for many years but the past few years I have used them less and less. So I've had decided to sell them.They are is...