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  1. opa1

    Behold the Treehouse System !

    Current A26 kit. Seas A26 10" 2-way Kit Pair (based on the classic A25) ( Like to try these myself.
  2. opa1

    Vintage Skeeter

    The engine was a long shaft. I took out 5" spacer and made it a short shaft. This boat is very small too. I would have to raise the transom to get it just right.
  3. opa1

    Vintage Skeeter

    It's stick steer. If you look close you will see the black knob on the left side of boat.
  4. opa1

    Vintage Skeeter

    I forgot about this pic. Skeeter sitting on Lake Placid.
  5. opa1

    Electra-Print SE OPTs 5K:8 with SILVER secondaries for Type 45

    You're twisting my arm and it hurts! Nice transformers.
  6. opa1

    Behold the Treehouse System !

    Those speakers look mint! Bet that's going to work great with the Leben.
  7. opa1

    Stereo '80 - Car Stereo, that is.

    I had a pioneer cassette deck in those years. I think the 8-track was on the way out or close to it. I do remember playing a Frampton comes alive 8-track in 1976 though. Wore that thing out too. :) Something like this.
  8. opa1

    Behold the Treehouse System !

    Love the Leben amp! Who's ears are in the photo? :)
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    New Member from the PNW

    Welcome to the Haven @Audiofreak71 ! Nice set up.
  10. opa1

    Happy October

    It's in Adkins Tx. now. Texas Pride BBQ.
  11. opa1

    Happy October

    It was. County Line band. They played mostly 60's classic country songs.
  12. opa1

    Happy October

    Thanks @MikeT. for the info. They had a brand new bus at the time.
  13. opa1

    Happy October

    The wife and I went to a new (to us) live music venue last night. This old bus was part of the scenery. It had Texas Top Hand Western Swing Band written on the side. If it could only talk. Pumpkins were extra. :)
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    Happy Birthday TubeHiFiNut

    Have a great one David!
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    New Member from South Florida

    Welcome to the Haven @apogeelov . Nice set up!
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    Happy Birthday SOund Dragon

    Have a good one!
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    Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to the Haven @Tin1976 .
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    Paul Barker Intro

    Welcome to the Haven @Paul Barker !
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    Happy Birthday Tsingtao_1903

    It's your birthday here at the Haven! :)
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    Hi! New member from daneland

    Welcome to the Haven @Jespera ! Nice set up!