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    SOLD - Alfred Bokrand 12" tonearm

    Aw shucks. Enjoy it.
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    A few questions about Hammer textured paint.

    Jb weld, sand, prime, paint
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    Karma: miscellaneous vintage analog products

    Im a glutton for games like this. Though, that M75, shure would be nice.
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    Dyna z-565 output transformers wanted

    Heyboer makes a exact copy iirc
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    3C24 new Build

    I have 50's and a few 40's, sorry. If I remember. 100s gets were getting expensive. The panasonics should be well suited, tho. I get wanting certain looks.
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    3C24 new Build

    What size can caps did you want. I might have some. These are nice though, with real low esr.
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    3C24 new Build

    I'm using them in a se84.They have real nice numbers. I first bought some about 5yrs ago. People were talking them up. Also, Dave Gillespie used them in the same. I'm sure the Kemets are nice also. Just chiming in, on a happy Friday.
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    3C24 new Build

    I like the panasonics
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    Pre-Amp Build

    Are you using diy ic's, or factory?
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    Nate builds an amp

    I bought some back then , also bx7's and varients.
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    Nate builds an amp

    Was that still wit the 6au6 driver?
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    Gates CB-500. Big.

    Yes Karmadon. I've one of his wheels for a couple years. Spot on. @musialovr, that's a perfect description of the gearing and table attributes. I'd like to see your idea of the solution. Best table I have owned by far. I like my gussied up 1200 techie. But, the Gates, I have the CB77, is just...
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    Tonearm bearing repair

    Ouch, delicate surgery.
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    frugel-horn flat pack; what do you think?

    @mpholland , contact planet10 on diyaudio. I'm sure he would scale it up for you.
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    frugel-horn flat pack; what do you think?

    Second Elmer. Follow directions, it will come out fine. Tho, when in question always test a sample piece.
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    frugel-horn flat pack; what do you think?

    Didn't see this, use a conditioner. It k÷ps softer wood like birch and pine from over soaking stain. This avoids blotch.
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    Crazy WE 32A Ebay

    Great to make a good days profit. But, the story is how you attained them?
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    Cowboys and Indians - Playlist

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    frugel-horn flat pack; what do you think?

    Is shipping seperate? Rates?