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    Best phono preamp under $500

    I had one of these back in the day. It was excellent. I tried rolling tubes, it was voiced with Sovtek 12AX7LPS's and they won. After I sold it the buyer called me and he was ecstatic. I would have kept it but I left the vinyl world.
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    New Lii Audio F-12 series

    This a link to the sellers 'store'. Buyer beware methinks.
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    Almarro A205A popped up!

    I just received an email from USAM about this. He's 50 miles from me. I had one and miss it but I need a hole in the head more than another amp. 🙃
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    New Lii Audio F-12 series

    Lii posted about the new one on their facebook page, but there are no details.
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    New Lii Audio F-12 series

    I found this: LII AUDIO HIFI F 12 unit 12 inch full range speaker|Bookshelf Speakers| - AliExpress According to the specs it appears to be the new F12. It has a wooden phase plug. Perhaps the Lii website is wrong?
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    New Lii Audio F-12 series

    You may want to e-mail Randy at Caintuck Audio Loudspeakers He's quite familiar with these drivers.
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    Audiolab 6000n Streamer

    It has a Dac but you can use another. Not sure about Roon. I am curious about Roon but not sure I fully understand it. I posted this because it is affordable. I can't wrap my head around megabuck streamers, they all seem to have limitations. This one looks like its worth watching: iFi ZEN...
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    Audial S5 Dac

    Yes, the post above is for the previous S4 Dac. The S5 is the newest Dac. He has been building Dacs for 20 years. TDA1541A and Model S USB, part 3: TDA1541A today - Audial I simply wanted a top-shelf 16.1/44 Dac. I'm not concerned about other formats, it's just personal preference. Perhaps...
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    Spendor LS3/5A

    Can you find out using the serial number?
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    Inspire 2030 UX-201 DHT preamp

    It's mighty fine and sounds great with SEP or triode amps. At the moment, I'm listening to it with the first SEP, triode strapped Inspire amp, I bought 6 years ago. Absolutely no regrets. I also have his LP27-A amp and I prefer this one. As always YMMV.
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    Audial S5 Dac

    Okay, the jury, me, has rendered a verdict. There are more expensive Dacs out there but this one has fully scratched my nagging digital itch. I found this post. He's more verbose than I am. REVIEW: Audial Model S DAC Processors - nightmusic - Digital Drive
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    Good quality, Unfancy Speaker Cable ?

    PM, I bought these 4 or 5 months ago and they are, IMHO, quite good. They took a good while to settle in though. Steve is in Toronto and has a 30 return policy.!/Impact-SE-Single-Wire-Speaker-Cables/p/68871228/category=2595835 I...
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    Ebay seller valeriabond TT plinths etc.

    Just an FYI, this seller is in Moldova and manufactures very nice-looking TT plinths and speaker enclosures.
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    Your new TVC pre

    Howdy Red, would you please give the non-tecknickle folks a short essay on how this increases volume with no gain? My guess is that the transformers somehow amplify the signal. :)
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    Any love for Graham Audio speakers?

    Interesting speakers, here's a recent review.
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    Audial S5 Dac

    I had a $30 5' Blue Jeans cable made, BNC to RCA. BNC at the Dac to RCA on the streamer. That was the only choice I had and it sounds good. With well-mastered material, it is pretty amazing. The soundstage is huge, 3D and layered. I had a 16 bit Meridian 506 CD player long ago and sent it in...
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    Audiolab 6000n Streamer

    The black streamers are open box with a 30 day returns. There are 2 black units listed, the seller is a big box audio dealer. There are 3 silver units that are refurbished and have a one-year warranty. I posted this because it's an alternative to a Bluenode and doesn't appear to have power...
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    Audiolab 6000n Streamer

    This is an affordable streamer that can be connected to a Dac. The software is DTS PlayFi and it has all the music services. There are manufacturer refurbed units on the auction site @ 25% off with a one-year warranty and 30-day returns. I can't warm up to megabuck streamers and most of them...
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    Audial S5 Dac

    I'm listening to some piano, Erik Satie, and it sounds like a piano. ;) This Dac is the end game for me. If it was a commercial product, I probably could not afford it. I'm no good at reviewer speak, this box just lets the music flow and there is no fatigue. If you like NOS Dacs and can live...