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    Can Someone "Dumb It Down" For Me?

    I'm n analog guy. There, I said it. I own 2000 albums, and listen to vinyl 90%+ of the time. Yeah, I own a CDP and a DAC, but they don't get used a great deal. But i'm keenly interested in being able to listen to Spotify through my system withoiut it sounding ... meh. My system is a Transcendent...
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    Solid State Thoughts/Suggestions for High Efficiency OBs?

    Hi all ... regular reader, but I haven't posted a lot. Looking for some thoughts on tube vs. SS amplification with my folded OBs... I am running a pair of hand built by me "folded" (not sure that's the right term) OBs, which are a big-ass cabinet with a partially open back, using a 15" P...
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    Parasound P5 Preamplifier - Silver Face

    $850 + actual shipping charges. I will eat the PP fee. I am the second owner of this excellent preamplifier, having bought it a month or so ago because I needed a pre with remote function capability (due to an injury that didn't let me get up to adjust volume very easily). It sounded...
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    FS: First Watt J2 Power Amplifier

    Pass Labs First Watt J2 Power JFET Amplifier in terrific condition. From the FW site, "New Silicon Carbide JFET transistors, higher power 25 watts, lower distortion, single ended class A circuit". The J2 has a sound that is warm and relaxed, combining precision and detail without sterility...
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    FS: Musical Surroundings Nova II Phono Preamplifier

    Great sounding and flexible phono pre that will handle any MM or MC cartridge you throw at it. Plus, its battery powered (rechargeable) so the noise floor just isn't there. I'm the second owner, but the pre is in perfect condition. I don't see any marks on it, and it functions perfectly. I use...