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    The single most disappointing bit of kit you ever owned thread (with rules).

    I had to think about this one a bit. Most of the gear I've had over the years has been really good. In the end, I was most disappointed by the Dared SL-2000A tube line stage. It sounded great, especially after the late, much-missed, and very generous Kegger (who many of you will remember from...
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    What CDP or DAC cured your itch to keep looking?

    I have been through more than a dozen DACs over the years, and it was the Benchmark DAC3 that finally stopped the merry-go-round for me. I no longer play CDs in "real time," but rip them to a server when I get them. Second place would be pretty close between the Benchmark DAC2 and the DAC in...
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    SOLD: Oppo BDP-105D

    Selling my Oppo BDP-105D. An excellent CD player, DAC, surround processor and Bluray/DVD player (no 4K). It was used mostly for video switching and as a surround processor, and only occasionally for playing discs of any kind (most of our movie watching is streaming, and CDs are ripped to a...
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    Im baaaack

    Good to see you, but oh, my that arm! Best wishes for quick healing.
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    Happy Birthday Prime Minister

    Happy Birthday!
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    That itch.

    I definitely get that itch. I've been looking at the gear in the basement and thinking about what I want to play with. Lori says no more gear in the bedrooms, though.
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    My Philharmonic 3’s - Refining the refined...

    Just catching up with this thread. Beautiful work, and a great-looking (and, I'm sure, great-sounding) system!
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    Dirac? Is it time to make the jump to a Mini DSP SHD?

    I agree with Pat's comments above about Dirac. I used the DSpeaker Antimode 2.0 for several years and like what it did, but moving to the MiniDSP was a major step forward for my setup. I use a DDRC-22D, which is digital-to-digital (mine is between a Bluesound Vault 2i and a Benchmark DAC3)...
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    A few pics of the garage

    Love it. I'm sure you could figure out some heating arrangement.
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    Something else to worry about -- prerecorded cassettes are coming back?!? :-o

    I used to have a couple of dozen MHS cassettes of classical music that sounded pretty good, but I was not sorry to leave the cassette world behind. Now as long as 8-tracks don't come back ...
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    Opinions on DH-Lab speaker cables?

    If you've already got the Kimber, I think it's worth a try. The blue/black braid is what I have (now in use in System #2).
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    Opinions on DH-Lab speaker cables?

    I'm coming to this a bit late, but I used the T-14 for a while. I moved on to Kimber 8TC and then to Analysis Plus Copper Oval. The T-14 might best the Kimber in some systems, for my taste.
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    Happy Birthday Juncers

    Happy Birthday, Ray!
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    Original Star Trek is Still a Damn Fine Show

    Back to the original Star Trek series for a moment - most of the stories have held up really well over 50+ years, largely because they hired real science fiction authors to write many of them. They're all on Amazon Prime.
  15. RichPA's album

    RichPA's album

  16. IMG_0534 (1).JPG

    IMG_0534 (1).JPG

    Current system
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    Today's Classical Music Playlist

    Scriabin - Reverie; Symphony No. 3 (Divine Poem); Poem of Ecstasy RSO Berlin/Ashkenazy
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    Bahrain GP 2020

    I was watching when that happened, and I was sure he had to be dead. A testament to the progress in safety gear, for sure. But like Tedrick, I wonder about that barrier.
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    Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Havenites!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Room diffusion

    Absorption behind the speakers and diffusion at the first reflection points works well for me in my room.