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    EV 12TRXB

    They are 16 ohms and look to be in great shape. I'm thinking about using them in a semi-open baffle enclosure. Opinions from the experts are welcome.
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    Ebay seller valeriabond TT plinths etc.

    Just an FYI, this seller is in Moldova and manufactures very nice-looking TT plinths and speaker enclosures.
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    Audiolab 6000n Streamer

    This is an affordable streamer that can be connected to a Dac. The software is DTS PlayFi and it has all the music services. There are manufacturer refurbed units on the auction site @ 25% off with a one-year warranty and 30-day returns. I can't warm up to megabuck streamers and most of them...
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    Audial S5 Dac

    When searching for NOS Dacs this came up: State Of The System | Audial S5 - Everdayday Audiophile Fast forward, I bought one, with the transformer option, and it should be delivered this week. Pedja, the owner, located a batch of TD1541As that measure better than the Dutch double crown chips. I...
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    FYI, all weather Ricoh Caplio 500SE-W Digital Camera these were $500+ new

    I used one of these for work years ago. Great for nasty weather or in a boat etc. It was more than $500. I bought one for me and one for the GF. They are NIB and take a decent snapshot. Great camera for a kid too, it's tough. Zoom lens is 28mm-85mm. $59.95 and free shipping. Uses AA batteries or...
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    Linlai Tubes

    A new, or another, Chinese tube manufacturer. Does anyone have any experience with them? They sell direct.
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    Sold to RedBoy. Softine Model3 CDPlayer/CD Transport

    Softone Model3 CDPlayer/CD Transport. Original owner, works like a champ. The remote is included but it doesn't work. Info: Softone Model3 CD player / CD transport Parts can still be had for the Philips Pro drive. Enco Systems Asking $600 & shipping. I have the original box and will double...
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    Tascam CD-200iL CD Player with Lightning and 30-pin iPod/iPhone dock

    Original owner. I used it to stream before I got a dedicated unit. Has a dock with 30 pin and Lightning connections. Remote included. Looks like new. I never used it as a player. Info: CD-200iL | OVERVIEW | TASCAM - United States $225 & shipping. I don't have the original box but it will be...
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    A few from the Grand Canyon

    Taken last month, South rim, Fuji X-100V. Lots of smoke out there.
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    Inspire 2030 UX-201 DHT preamp

    Someone told me about this the other day. So, I emailed Dennis and asked him to build one with a 5Z3 instead of a 5U4G. I have his LP27a preamp and 45/2A3 amp. The 45 is begging for a DHT to play with.
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    Welborne Labs DRD 45 monoblocks

    Just a heads up. Not mine and no affiliation but these are a good deal. The trannys are Electraprint. I'm tempted but I'm in a 12 Step audio want/need program.
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    Mad magazine on Hi-Fi late 50's early 60's

    I was concerned about my audio obsession. I read this and feel much better. Link to Hi-Fi Lit. Lots of cool info on vintage gear.
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    TRIODE TRK-3488 Single ended integrated Amplifier SOLD

    This is a kit amp and the link has a 6 Moons review. It was assembled by an engineer, has Kiwame resistors and Jensen copper foil caps. I'm the second owner and did not use it much. I cleaned the tube sockets and it's working perfectly. It's small but weighs 25 lbs. Runs KT88's, 6550's or...
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    Sparkler Audio

    This is a Japanese company. The principal engineer worked for 47 Labs/Sakura Systems. Their DAC and transport look interesting. I'm going to give the DAC a spin. It's $785 plus $45 shipping from Canada.
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    Doge 7 DAC

    This DAC looks interesting. Has anyone here heard it? I find it interesting that Doge does not care for MQA. DOGE 7 Clarity – Tube DAC – DOGE AUDIO [Review] Doge Electronics Doge7 Tube DAC.
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    Setting up the Allo Digione Signature Player Rpi 4b/1gb

    I'm attempting to set up this with the Moode player via wi-fi using an iPad and can't figure out how to get Moode on the iPad. Any ideas?
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    Softone Model 8, a sub $1000 directed coupled Japanese 300B amp w/R-core transformers

    I have been looking at this for a while. What do you circuit gurus think? Home page: Softone AUDIO PRODUCTS I have had their now discontinued CD player/transport for 10+ years, never a hiccup.
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    SOLD. FS: Dennis Had Inspire parallel single ended pentode amplifier and some FYI.

    After leaving Cary Audio Dennis Had is building amps and preamps as a retirement hobby and selling them on epay. Not many of the PSE's were built. I have two other Inspire amps and I'd like to see it to go to someone that will appreciate it. I have this listed on Agon. I'm posting it here...
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    Like horns and don't have room? Klipsch Heresy IV may be your ticket.

    The H4's are a completely new design. They have the same tractix mid and tweeter as the Cornwall 4's. The tweeter has a phase plug. Very smooth and they are now ported. The reviews are spot on. I bought a B stock pair for $2200 shipped on the auction site from seller Ronco, a Klipsch dealer in...
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    New guy from SW Florida

    I'm 68 and semi-retired. I got hooked on audio when I was a kid. My Pop's Fisher console with a mono corner speaker was the gateway drug. Got into tubes 25 or so years ago. My first real speakers were 1977 Klipsch Heresy's that I bought after college. I traded them in for La Scalas a year later...