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  1. GuyK

    The Life After Covid Thread - A Celebration of the Return to Normalcy

    Other than the inconvenience of still having to wear the stupid f#$%^ng mask so often, I'm really not being affected in any manner. I've had both doses of vaccination, and will be looking for the booster soon since it's been made available. Some of the places I used to go are no longer in...
  2. GuyK

    The Life After Covid Thread - A Celebration of the Return to Normalcy

    I haven't had the booster yet, but had no reaction to either of the first two vaxes (Phizer) other than a slight bruise from the needle.
  3. GuyK

    Adele 30

    I haven't listened to the entire album, and am not likely to. About a month ago, a friend of mine invited discussion of the single from it, so I listened to that. This what I wrote then, verbatim: "Yawwn. This one strikes me as just more formula-of-the-week pop music. It has a bunch of...
  4. GuyK

    Cha-cha-cha-changes.... new adventures

    I had the opportunity to hear Bryan Bowers perform this in concert years ago.
  5. GuyK

    Behold the Treehouse System !

  6. GuyK

    Magnepan 1.7i vs. Martin Logan ESL 8

    It certainly wouldn't hurt to at least discuss with him. My Stratos doesn't get hot, but does get noticeably warm.
  7. GuyK

    Magnepan 1.7i vs. Martin Logan ESL 8

    I don't know how long break-in took as I got the unit second hand. Upgraded Stratos in Khartago chassis? I think Stratos has larger heat-sinks, and mine gets warm with the 'stats. My Sequel II's are less than 4ohm from 70 -600, and under 2 ohm above 10k. The Magnepans have a pretty flat...
  8. GuyK

    Magnepan 1.7i vs. Martin Logan ESL 8

    I think you'll like the Khartago. I have an upgraded Stratos, and it does pretty well with my Martin Logans.
  9. GuyK

    A remake better than the original?

    I sure like the way Gov't Mule treats Prince's song When Doves Cry. I don't know if this counts as a true cover since it's a medley, but Warren Haynes does right by it.
  10. GuyK

    Motors that got your inner motor running

    I have friends that were delivered their brand new Corvette in early August. On their first road-trip, it dropped a valve with less than 50 miles on the clock. Dealer installed a new engine. Dealer started new engine and it ran for about 10 seconds then seized. Dealer found large...
  11. GuyK

    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

    First frost. Entirely unexpected. Took a short backpacking trip a week ago and weather forecast was for mild weather. I woke up during the night to rain, and got up in the morning to ice inside the tent and out. Got back to the trailhead to this:
  12. GuyK

    Motors that got your inner motor running

    It certainly ranks way up there. I've always liked the dohc I-6 that Jaguar used for so many years.
  13. GuyK

    Motors that got your inner motor running

    The Auto Union V-16 from their pre-war Grand Prix cars do it for me every time. And the BMW R57 blower bike that shows up at Goodwood regularly. Wonderful pieces of machinery.
  14. GuyK

    Magnepan 1.7i vs. Martin Logan ESL 8

    I don't have any experience with the ESL 8, but do have a pair of Sequel II's. The Sequels do some things very well, but integrating bass with mids isn't one of them. Perhaps the pair you're considering is a ways up the food chain, and this has been improved.
  15. GuyK


    Sure there is. People seem to always be looking for more surfaces to stack more junk on.
  16. GuyK

    A New Turntable Restoration Project - B&O Beogram 8002

    I've often successfully used naptha/ lighter fluid for removing tape residue from plastics. Don't know about a dustcover, though.
  17. GuyK

    The Den of the Mid Century Moderneers.

  18. GuyK

    Birds in the Wild

    Not too terribly wild locations, being in suburban city parks and all. Pretty sure the raptor is an immature bald eagle, but I have no idea about the duck. I'm really not good with waterfowl.
  19. GuyK

    Backyard birdies

    Nighthawk is my first guess as well, but I can't see the wings or the chin. IIRC, nighthawks have a distinct white stripe under the chin as well as the wing marks. I haven't seen one in 20 or more years, though.
  20. GuyK

    Charlie's not well right now

    He's gone. There's a huge hole right now.