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    EV 12TRXB

    I used to run a pair of the 12TRXBs for my speakers a long time ago. I have also used SP12Bs (the TRXB sans the T35B tweeter) and the Wolverine LT12s. I used them in a pair of the EV Aristocrats (a Klipsch designed EV cabinet) and in ported boxes built roughly to EV specs. My listening room at...
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    Good TV While Locked in the House?

    We started watching the DVD set of the first season of "The Rockford Files" last night. A few minutes into the pilot episode a beat up 59 Peugeot convertible is clearly visible. It seems that Columbo's Peugeot is doing another cameo appearance in a 70's TV show. Just one more thing...
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    Retro Electric Car!

    Now that is a much nicer choice than that thing that Hyundai chose. De Tomaso Mangusta for car number one, what is the second? OK, I will answer my own question, Maserati Ghibli. I had to use a different computer which uses the Chrome browser. Image search doesn't seem to work with firefox.
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    Retro Electric Car!

    Here is a really retro electric car conversion. The car is a 1960 DKW which is part of the Auto Union Group. For you auto history buffs, the four rings of the Audi logo was originally the Auto Union logo and represented the "union" of the Horsch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer brands. I have seen the...
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    What are you listening to right now ?

    Shawn Phillips is a rather obscure singer/song writer/guitarist that I have enjoyed listening to over the years. His albums are fairly easy to find on vinyl but not so easy on CD. I have a few but have been seeking a cd version of his album "Collaboration" for years. It was released once and...
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    Cars & Motorcycles

    Nothin's lackin' if you are Cadillac'n. Or so they say. This would be a fun little desk to have. Would it be a stretch to describe this as MCM?
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    Cars & Motorcycles

    Scary, very scary. What is worse is that there may be 51 of these things hiding in garages.
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    Good TV While Locked in the House?

    It is getting more and more difficult to find movies we have not already seen at the local library. Lately we have been watching a dvd collection of the Adam 12 TV series. One of today's episodes has a surprising guest star (of sorts). Columbo's beater Peugeot is the prop car driven by a woman...
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    Listening Chairs

    That is a handsome chair. I poked around a bit and wasn't able to come up with any info about when it was made. Marble made very few designs with the horizontal elements in the back. The slats are almost exclusively vertical in their products. I wonder if the 4204 on the tag is some sort of date...
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    "I Was An Idiot for Selling That" - Gear You Wish You Hadn't Sold.

    I have sold off a lot of stuff over the years on eBay. Most of it I made a few dollars on the sales but I am glad the excess stuff it is gone. The only sale I truly regret was of the components from a scruffy homemade pair of Altec VOTT 500. I had picked these up in a garage sale for next to...
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    There's no DIY forum here?! So I'll post this here: Space charge vacuum tube phono preamps, anyone?

    In keeping with the spice charged space charge tube discussion, The Audio Round Table has this schematic titled "Ecstacy Space Charge" which is an amp using a 12AU7 driving a pair of space charge 12K5 tubes for a (very) low power stereo amp. The power supply would be a 12 volt wall wart. The...
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    What are you listening to right now ?

    I have been exploring a little jazz guitar today. I have some cd files in the server and am playing them. Currently Grant Greens's "Idle Moments". Right before that some Larry Coryell, specifically "Joy Spring". Right before Coryell, a pair of Emily Remler cds, "Firefly" and "Transitions". The...
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    When Did 8 Track Die?

    Your recollection is pretty correct according to this Wikipedia page.
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    Tube haul- which tubes to look out for, which to not worry about?

    It would be a project to list my unfinished projects. It would probably be another project that would go unfinished too. In a way I am almost glad that the thrift store and garage sale audio gold that I mined for years has come to an end. It will force me to actually do something with the stuff...
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    Listening Chairs

    When I went to Ohio State a very long time ago one of the student unions had a fleet of various Bertoia wire chairs in the lounge area. The clear winner from a comfort standpoint was the "Bird" model. It was a great chair for sitting back and pretending to study. I have no practical experience...
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    PartsExpress: Dayton "AIRs" -- what do y'all think?

    In the year or so before the pandemic it seemed as if the majority of stereo items on the shelves at local thrifts had at least one knob missing. I speculated at the time that it was the picker locusts swiping the knobs to make the gear unappealing to folks willing to pay the initial...
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    The Ohio State Marching Band plays................. RUSH !

    I am trying to think of something witty to add to this thread but.... I went to OSU starting in the fall of 1972. I was one of the four or five students whose life was not centered on OSU football. I lived in the dorm (the beige and white tower in the upper left corner of the photo) nearest...
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    My AA Minimag Flashlight Died!! aaacckKK!!1!

    I have one of the three cell Maglites (actually probably two somewhere) like yours. I recently converted it to led with what I think is a Maglite branded conversion kit. The local Ace hardware was blowing these conversion kits out and I picked up the last one they had. It is pretty easy to do...
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    ID these mystery speakers?

    Sadly there is no real solid and complete source of info on vintage Goodmans products or the ones that were built by Goodmans but sold under different names. I suspect that Goodmans had a healthy inventory of cones, magnets and castings that they were willing to mix, match and modify to suit a...
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    My AA Minimag Flashlight Died!! aaacckKK!!1!

    LED flashlights are pure, perfect light forever until they aren't.