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  1. SPL db

    Downloading Amazon music to new device

    I recently bought a new tablet and in the process of downloading my Amazon music to my device. issue is, it is downloading as one huge list instead of breaking it all up in to the album's like it should. is there a way to get my downloads back in album list?
  2. SPL db

    Digital equipment possibilities, please help me understand

    Like some of us, all the possibilities of the different routes that one can take with digital services and equipment has my head spinning faster than a high speed blender. As stated in another thread, the discussion was about sonicTransporter units and I'm wondering how they might compare to...
  3. SPL db

    Why do we do it?

    I guess the question would be better phrased, why do I do it (and no, I'm not talking about that... ;))? I'm talking more about why we buy gear that we don't really need but we justify it one way or another. I was cruising the sale list for my local dealer... err... I mean audio store and saw...
  4. SPL db

    Hey Everybody! I'm a grandfather for the second time!

    New grand-daughter Willa Behmer was born yesterday at 7:02PM! Going to go see her tonight for the first time after work, can't hardly wait!
  5. SPL db

    R.I.P. to jaymanaa you my friend will be missed forever

    This is the title to a thread over at AK, don't know how many here knew Jay, but thought I'd pass on the information in case others don't frequent AK.
  6. SPL db

    Who here is near Kingman AZ?

    I will be in the area next week seeing my sister who is in hospice care at home. She lives in Kingman AZ and I thought I might look some of you up if you're in the area.
  7. SPL db

    Need Some Good Thoughts and Prayers...

    Need some good thoughts and prayers everyone. My sister Candi has been battling cancer for some time now. Just found out through my niece that my sis is in pretty bad shape. Kelli (my niece) and her husband were just down to see her about two weeks ago, she wasn't doing too bad then or so we...
  8. SPL db

    Keggers Family Sale

    Borrowed the following post from AK, not sure how many AK'ers are here but this is a post for an upcoming estate sale to benefit Kegger's family. If you're in the Michigan area and can make the sale, please do. This Vintage Electronic Sale is one you don't want to miss ! This was Keggers...
  9. SPL db

    Outlaw 950 Preamp/Processor

    Got a chance to pick one of these up on the cheap locally. I really don't need it but it is cheap enough that it could be a fun toy for a while. Anyone ever had/used one of these before? The reviews online are either loving it or hating it, doesn't seem to be any in-betweens...
  10. SPL db

    Turntable Arm Question - Linn Basik vs SME 3009 Series II

    As some of you may already know from my Happy Birthday To Me thread, my brother gave me his Technics SL110A table with a SME 3009 Series II arm. I also have a Linn Sondek LP12 that has the stock Linn Basik arm. I'm toying with the idea of trying the SME 3009 arm on the LP12. I feel I should...
  11. SPL db

    Happy Birthday to me...

    Actually my birthday was last Sunday, but this weekend I get to visit my brother and sister-in-law who just back to the area (about 50 miles away) from Washington DC after retiring. He wants to give me his old Technics turntable fitted with a SME 3009 tone arm. He doesn't remember the model...
  12. SPL db

    Will be needing some prayers and good thoughts...

    Will be needing prayers sent my way... no health problems here (thank heavens), but my company has been downsizing for about 10 months now. They focused on upper management, then middle, then lower. Now they are in my department and working on the salary people (I'm under a union contract)...
  13. SPL db

    Devialet Atohm GT1 speakers

    Anyone here ever have a chance to hear a pair of these? I have a chance to pick a pair of these up at a very good price.
  14. SPL db

    As of 1:14AM last night...

    My wife and I just became grandparents to a beautiful baby girl - Lucille Behmer Pictures to follow after mom and daughter have a chance to get some well deserved rest.
  15. SPL db

    Off The Radar Jazz & Big Band Musicians

    After work today I'm heading over to a Craigslist seller's house that claims to have thousands of jazz & big band CDs up for sale. I know a lot of the mainstream musicians in both genres, jazz = Dave Brubeck, Art Blakey, etc... big band = Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, etc. What I want to know...
  16. SPL db

    Made a trade over the weekend

    A local flea market store that I frequent has a guy that I talk audio with all the time. He is a big lover of just about anything Kenwood. I had stopped in during the week and saw that he had a really nice pair of KEF Reference 102/2 speakers up for sale. I had a Kenwood KR-7600 that was...
  17. SPL db

    REQUEST F2.400 CD Server

    I have a chance to pick up a REQUEST F2.400 CD Server at a very good price. It currently has a 400GB HDD drive loaded in it. Anyone know if I should be able to drop a new 1 or 2 TB drive in place of the 400GB drive? I know I'd have to figure out how the original drive was formatted and then...
  18. SPL db

    Tannoy Saturn S6LR

    I have a chance to pick a pair of these speakers up, not finding a lot of information on the web about them. Anyone here have a chance to hear a pair? Some of the info that I found wasn't too favorable about them.
  19. SPL db

    AK EchoWars (Glenn) Mother Passed Away

    Not sure how many of you know Glenn (EchoWars) from AK, just wanted to let you all know that his mother just recently passed away.
  20. SPL db

    Harmonic Technology Pro 9 Speaker Cables & JPS Labs Superconductor 2 Interconnects

    I have a chance to a 2 meter pair of HT Pro 9 bi-wire speaker cables for $400 for the pair. Price seems to be on par with Audiogon pricing, just curious what the fine folks here think of these cables. I've done some Googling on them and some seem to find them on the lean side. Same seller has...