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  1. S0und Dragon

    Need help from the DIY crew. External remote volume control.

    So my new to me Pre is a nouveau vintage Pre amp with no remote. I love everything about it except the fact that it lacks a remote for at least volume control. I tried reaching out to Audiocubics as their product is exactly what I need. But they are not responding and I suspect they are out of...
  2. S0und Dragon

    Sold: Cyrus Phono Signature and PSX-R power supply. What??????

    Parting with what I consider the most versatile and amazing Phono Pre amps I have ever owned. I have an extensive review of it here and won’t wax nostalgic or bloviate any more than I already have. Looking for $XXXX (for good standing haven members) listed higher elsewhere. Have all packaging...
  3. S0und Dragon

    Pending : Sony x777es Champagne

    This has been with me for a long time. It has been serviced over the years for small things (caps) and Transport cleaning and belts. It is one of several CD players on hand here so it shares play time in rotation with others. Recently back from service, belts, transport cleaning and lubricating...
  4. S0und Dragon

    SOLD:Modwright Modded Sony XA5400es….Somebody stop me!

    You are looking at a like new Sony XA5400ES SACD player with full Modwright Signature Truth modification. The XA5400ES is the LAST of the Sony SACD players. If you are unfamiliar with what this mod does for the 5400 go to Modwright's website and check it out. In addition to the Signature Truth...
  5. S0und Dragon

    Sold: Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua, Ruby Cantilever and MR

    Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua for sale. Broken and then rebuilt by Phono cartridge retipping aka Andy Kim. This was briefly my main Cart until I acquired the XV-1S that I am using now. To be honest, it is very hard to tell the difference between...
  6. S0und Dragon

    Ron eats Pi

    So after having our amazing Digital forum Ring master and all around awesome audio bud save my bacon. And a gentle prod and ahem from said bud. I thought it was high time to chat about my time with the RPI4 based streamer. Or maybe just about streamers and streaming in general. But let’s talk...
  7. S0und Dragon

    If money were no object, what Turntable would you own?

    Curious what occupies the daydreams of my fellow havenites. Mine is the Venerable and Mighty Micro Seiki SX-8000 MkII. With a pair of Graham Phantom III TechDas Spec Tonearms. Because why not at that point.
  8. S0und Dragon

    The Lost intent of RSD

    I purposely decided against participating in RSD this last go around. Honestly was not interested. I think that it has become an outlet for flippers and some outlets to gouge titles. Case in point? The Croft records Kenny Dorham album Quiet Kenny. $27 retail but going for way more on eBay...
  9. S0und Dragon

    OFF: (Rare) Micro Seiki BL-99V turntable W/ SAEC WE 407/TM. in 120v

    Here's a Micro Seiki BL-99V turntable with a SAEC WE 407/TM tonearm. Available in Japan until 1992, it came in several iterations depending on finish and arm. Finding this Deck in 120v is very rare. In fact, all others that I have seen are 100v and would require a step down to operate. I believe...
  10. S0und Dragon

    Stereo Heart Break

    I have been meaning to put this down somewhere for a while now, but I have just not been motivated to do it. I was hoping that my situation would have been resolved and that I would simply make a post about it after the fact and move on. But none of this has happened and to be honest, I do not...
  11. S0und Dragon

    R.I.P Chick Corea

    Thanks for the Music. Rest easy.
  12. S0und Dragon

    Good Power cables that won’t break the piggy bank

    Just Curious if anyone has any solid recommendations for Power cables that are better than the generic black computer cables but not priced in the stratosphere? Is DIY the way to go? I am not looking for a cable debate here. I am seriously just looking for something that looks good, works well...
  13. S0und Dragon

    Roon is getting a refresh!!!

    I am really excited with the changes coming to ROON! This may be the push I need to get a Lifetime membership!
  14. S0und Dragon

    The DBX Venue360 and other Room correction EQ Thread

    Moving this subject from @jblnut 's Thread as I do not want to derail it any further and would love to expand the conversation to some of our digital gurus here on the haven. Moving a few pertinent comments from the original thread here.
  15. S0und Dragon

    Merry Christmas Haven friends.

    I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas!
  16. S0und Dragon

    SOLD. Lyra Lydian B Newly rebuilt by VAS..

    Lyra Lydian B Completely rebuilt by Steve at VAS. This was one of 2 Lydians that I ended up owning. An absolute gem of a MC cart and a great tracker. Not going to give you all the flowery language on this one. It sounds fantastic and was intended to be a keeper. But I can't keep them all and...
  17. S0und Dragon

    What is your ultimate Arm and Cart combination?

    Curious what your dream arms and carts are? Please feel free to post pics if you are so Inclined? I think mine would the Tech Das Spec’d Graham Phantom with a Dynavector XV-1T. That would be my end game for me! How about you?
  18. S0und Dragon

    Gossiping about my House Guest ( Levinson 432)

    So some of you may know already that I am fostering @Ds2000's Mark Levinson 432 here at the Dragons Den. In an effort to not have his apartment collapse under the weight of freshly restored Ultra gear, killing his neighbors in the process and making the evening news. So, he has graciously...
  19. S0und Dragon

    My final Analog frontier. The Step Up Transformer.

    I have not really done the SUT thing. I am thinking about them as of late as they are truly the final thing to try. While I am completely over the moon with my Cyrus Phono signature. I am nothing if not curious. My two primary carts are the Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua and the XV-1S. Based on your...
  20. S0und Dragon

    RSD Black Friday 2020 11/27/2020

    Here is the official link below.