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    The "Best" Organ recordings

    J.S. Bach* − Heinz Wunderlich (2) - Masterworks For Organ, Vol 9 - J.S. Bach This one has always been one of my favorite organ albums. The Toccata and Fugue in F is wonderful as is the recording and disc cutting.
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    Topping DACs?

    My guess would be that that DAC chip drives a short circuit board trace to a transistor or op amp. It probably could not source enough current to drive a cable. Of course I could be wrong. Very brave new world we live in.
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    Topping DACs?

    When I was at Axpona I saw some Project stuff made in the EU. Austria or Czechoslovakia or maybe both. Their USA salesman was a pleasant fellow so we chatted. They displayed some of their wares with the covers off. So I am sure we have all seen the proper gander about the "ESS...
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    Greetings from St. Louis

    Actually my current thinking for the four woofers on each side is to wire them as pairs of 4 ohms and drive each side with one Crown XLS 602 which easily sources 600 watts per channel into four ohms. Its about double the max capacity of the woofers and probably ten times what I would ever do...
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    Mission Electronics CD player PCM 4000

    I have a Mission Electronics CD player that is surplus to my needs. I ran across it a few years ago and snagged it because I recognized Mission as an audiophile grade name. I recently dug it up and set it up. It required the disc mechanism to be relubed (with plastic safe lubricant) and...
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    I don't know where to put this, so I'll put it here -- Nelson Pass revisits "Leaving Class A"

    His price isn't bad. tempting but I can't do another class a amp right now. working on racking and wiring what I have and expanding from 2.0 to 5.1 65 lb.s! You would want to go and pick it up.
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    VAA Stereo 70 mk ii

    The amp had been working OK and suddenly developed a hum. Maybe a bad connection but a bad filter would do that too. According to a swedish electrical engineer who went through one of these the two can caps are in series to raise the voltage rating. I haven't gotten under it yet to confirm...
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    VAA Stereo 70 mk ii

    Thanks! Looks like they have everything needed.
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    VAA Stereo 70 mk ii

    My auto mechanic, a very good friend of mine , just asked me to look at a VAA ST 70 mk ii which he has been using the last few years. It suddenly developed a hum. It has two big filter caps that are in series, rated 315 each. Probably one of them went out. Since I have not seriously worked...
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    TAD 60 blown fuse - twice

    While you wait for fuses lift all the secondary connections from the power transformer. (one on each pair only) It probably will continue to blow fuses because to fast blow a 6A fuse probably is the transformer itself rather than a reflected load which would probably take a little bit of time...
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    Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player

    just to clarify, I was only referring to intermittencies caused by wifi itself which another poster said was causing problems.
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    Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player

    If your router has ethernet sockets you can get an ethernet cable and plug the Sony into the router and eliminate the wifi intermittancies and probably increase the speed greatly. I have my Sony hard wired to the router which talks to my laptop over wifi. I haven't tried them both hardwired yet.
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    Nice photos of audio gear.

    Are the cantilever and stylus all one piece on that cartridge?? All diamond?
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    Any Mycobiologists in these parts?

    Probably not much to worry about.
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    Nice photos of audio gear.

    I always wanted to try a Garrard Zero 100 but it never happened. How do you like it compared to your many other very nice maschines??
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    Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player

    That is the error I got when I had the IP address wrong. When I corrected it it began to work. On mine the IP address had a .73 or .78 range where you have .249
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    Lounge Audio LCR III Phono Preamp- Build and Review Thread - The Doorway Giant Killer?

    That is a nice little gold mine. The Sheff units bring about $250 to 300 dollars each and I count about six of them. The racks bring about 400 to the 850 the hungarian guy wants. A lot of people are collecting Pioneer and Kenwood "silver" I am going to sell my TX 9500 II tuner and my Spec...
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    I don't know where to put this, so I'll put it here -- Nelson Pass revisits "Leaving Class A"

    My Pioneers have had one failure, a speaker relay. Not bad since 1976. Probably after about ten years. You can see evidence of the heat on the circuit boards. I think they did pay a lot of attention to thermal design. The chasis is massive cast aluminum , big heat sinks and vertical air...