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  1. MrEd

    Altec 828 cabnets with 515 8G Craigs list

    No affiliation with this add but it seems a good price for just the drivers alone. If I were closer I would buy them. San Antonio Tx
  2. MrEd

    Sold - Lundahl chokes

    3 Lundahl ll1673 20 Henry chokes for sale. Used in a board build preamp that never reached fruition. $65.00 each plus shipping. PayPal plus fees.
  3. MrEd

    Free - More free tubes

    Another batch of mouse pee tubes up for grabs. You pay shipping costs.
  4. MrEd

    Free - w/ conditions

    I have 5 45 globes that I will never use. The back story is here These are not tested. Free to any member here that currently owns a 45 amp. You pay shipping.
  5. MrEd

    Sold - Nagaoka MP110

    Slightly used MP110 fore sale. Less than 100 hours, probably around 50 maybe. $75.00 plus shipping
  6. MrEd

    Happy 4th of July

    Happy Independence Day to all or US members today 🙂 Hope you have a safe and wonderful day.
  7. MrEd

    Free - Mr Ed's free for postage lot.

    I have some items not in use and will be posting a few more soon. PM if interested. Dayton iMM6 measuring Mic 3 to 12 volt power supply KAB record vac cleaner Sqeezebox with remote Sonos Connect amplifier
  8. MrEd

    New tube from Blackburn
  9. MrEd

    01a preamp build

    I started on 01a preamp today. My second DHT pre, first was a 2p29l. This one is the recipe from AL Mogliaa @ Bartola Valves. The circuit uses Ale's Gyrator board and Rod Coleman filament regulators.
  10. MrEd

    Empire TT for sale in Minnesota

    No affiliation but this was on Lenco Heaven this morning.;topicseen
  11. MrEd

    LR phono by Pete Millett build

    I have been pondering this design for about a year now... let the games begin as the old saying goes. 😊 I have Pete's phono board and I am going use his power supply also. My original plan was to use the Silent switcher from diyAudio but they have been unavailable for a while. The design info...
  12. MrEd

    Ending private automobile ownership.

    I hope to be 6 under by the time we get to this point. The Brits are talking...
  13. MrEd

    4 12 inch woofers tested

    Today I am going to test four woofers in a somewhat controlled way using an open baffle box I threw together a few months ago. Tested will be Rola field coil, Jensen P12 RJ, Magnavox, and Altec 414 16c.
  14. MrEd

    Personal record of posts today...

    I'm sitting home today and trying my best to do nothing. Yesterday I had an angiography procedure and today I am supposed to be good... Fat chance as I am already restless and thinking things to do that won't open up my wound. For now reading lots of posts here I have missed. Cheers
  15. MrEd

    Bluetooth receiver

    Looking for recomendation and opinions on bluetooth receivers. I want to get the wife something for Christmas that she can pair to her phone in our living room system. It is a Marantz 3325 receiver. Thanks in advance 😊
  16. MrEd

    How to play a Boy George record...

    I believe I have an eclectic or very wide scope of musical taste and listen to a lot of various genre. Today I thing finally found a place for Boy George.
  17. MrEd

    Happy Thanksgiving to all US members

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope you get to enjoy family, food, and count blessings. Cheers to all on the wonderful forum. And thank you Eric @prime minister for hosting us. 🙃
  18. MrEd

    1005 tar filled horns

    Surprised to see these in my back yard. A little to rich for my budget.
  19. MrEd

    Sold - Schick 12" arm SOLD

    Reduced $ 1100.00 shipped in continental US. Letting go of my Schick arm. I got this arm in 2013, it comes with the headshell Thomas was selling at the time and does have azimuth adjustment. I would call it 9 out of 10 for condition. Asking $1250.00 shipping included in continental US.
  20. MrEd

    Craigslist...worthy ?

    This popped recently. Are these worthwhile asking g ?