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  1. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    Top plate is finished. Excuse the finger prints. LOL.
  2. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    I'm at 600 grit. I'll get to 2000 grit wet and dry, then compound and buff with automotive buffers/polishers. It's looking good.
  3. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    No idea at this point. I liked the red painted redwood base with the polished plate and black transformer covers. Polishing is a lot of work! LOL
  4. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    This week's update! @Redboy . LOL. Bought a 60mm cutter like the one in the link. It cut a real clean hole. Now I need to sand the plate and decide if I'm going to power coat or polish it.
  5. Opa1

    Looks like a cool place to hang!

    Welcome to the Haven @scootertrs !
  6. Opa1

    Aholgi here

    Welcome to the Haven @Aholgi !
  7. Opa1

    New Worlds Best Phono-Stage

    Thats a lot of holes! Looking great!
  8. Opa1

    Happy Birthday thin_ice

    Happy Birthday @thin_ice !
  9. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    I think I'll just sit back and have a Shiner Bock. :)
  10. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    I'll have to cut it. Online Metals Grand Prairie Tx. First time they sent me a out of square plate. 16x10.5 cost me 58.00. :(
  11. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    Thanks for checking the cut. Thanks for the link too! I ran into another problem today. The top plate is not square. It has one square corner. Guess QC is just out the window.
  12. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    That would be great. I'd hate to ruin the top plate.
  13. Opa1


    I've always loved this Wings album! Try the TIDAL Web Player
  14. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    I'm in south Texas. The TCT is one of the brands I looked at. I would think it would stay centered with the cut. The can caps are 60mm and outer lip in 62.5 so accuracy is a must.
  15. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    Aluminum top plate arrived today! Cut to the exact measurements too. I need to find a nice hole saw to cut the 60mm holes for the Temco can caps. I'd like a nice cutter that doesn't walk around much when cutting. I'll use a drill press to cut them. Does anyone have an idea of what type of hole...
  16. Opa1

    New member from Australia

    Welcome to the Haven @AussieBrendan !
  17. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    Did some measuring today and ordered the 6061-aluminum plate. Moving forward! :)
  18. Opa1

    Happy Birthday TubeHiFiNut

    Happy Birthday David! @TubeHiFiNut
  19. Opa1

    Any modern 8 inch acoustic suspension speakers?

    These are copies of the EPI 100 and others.
  20. Opa1

    DIY Sakuma-Schade 6V6 Amp

    I was just showing pics of the parts. I still haven't decided on the layout. Rona sucks! Hope everyone is ok.