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  1. opa1

    Need to Know More Full Range Drivers Brands...

    Those 15" look interesting. :)
  2. opa1

    Need to Know More Full Range Drivers Brands...

    Mark Audio Alpair drivers are very nice too.
  3. opa1

    Happy birthday to ColinWonfor !

    Happy Birthday!
  4. opa1

    New member, hello to all!

    Welcome @CosmicJazz
  5. opa1

    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Glad you found it. The Aleph sounds a lot better after it warms up. You and actually tell when it happens. What are you driving with it?
  6. opa1

    My boring, simple system...

    Had to look this up. :) Answers some of my questions.
  7. opa1

    experimenting a bit...

    I know you talked about those speakers before. Could you refresh my memory on the drivers used? :) Nice floors BTW.
  8. opa1

    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Ok, Keep us up to date. :)
  9. opa1

    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Well, What's the verdict? LOL.
  10. opa1

    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Nice work! You're going to like it.
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    Topping D30 Failure

    D10 arrived today. PC recognized it right away. Came well packaged. Even the RCA jacks were covered. I have it running now with the Aleph J. Nice to have the system up and working again. Hope this one lasts a bit longer!
  12. opa1

    Topping D30 Failure

    The wife bought it for me. Took awhile to get it figured out.
  13. opa1

    Topping D30 Failure

    Update on dac. I ordered a Topping D10 today. We'll see how it works out.
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    The off-topic decluttering thread.

    I've started decluttering a few years ago. Not only audio but, all my collected junk/stuff. I still have a long way to go. :)
  15. opa1

    Cool Cabinet find

    Any updates on the speakers/ cabs?
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    Happy birthday to mred !!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Mid-Winter Greetings from DownUnder... Auckland, NEW ZEALAND!

    Welcome to the Haven @SONDEKNZ ! Lots of nice gear. Love the Pass J2!
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    That chassis is super nice. It cost a bit but, well worth it. Get some pics up! LOL
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    I got the PS and rectifier boards from @gable. I didn't get the relay boards for the speakers. The amp works fine without it. We powered up the whole amp at one time. Also had meters monitoring both boards at the same time. We let the amp run to settle in and then adjusted it.
  20. opa1

    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    I didn't want to delay your build. So I took some quick pics! The two amp board grounds are tied to the PS main ground. Then to the chassis and to the IEC plug. Hope that helps.