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  1. Fran604g

    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

    Harvest time for our favorite chili peppers; Red Savina and Habanero! I'll process them for freezing and make my FrAnDy's various intensity 🔥🔥🔥🔥 hot sauces as needed throughout the coming months. Many more of each still ripening in the garden! Love it!!😍
  2. Fran604g

    Post pictures of your listening space

    That's just too cool!
  3. Fran604g

    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

    A quick snap of old Luna coming up over the hill behind our house.
  4. Fran604g

    FS Opening the Tape Vault (10.5” 15IPS Tapes)

    Man, I'd bet those Getz and Brubeck tapes must've been something very special to hear.
  5. Fran604g

    The Den of the Mid Century Moderneers.

    Awesome! Do you have any more of the counter area(s)? We love some chrome diners.
  6. Fran604g

    Post pictures of your listening space

    Nice setup! I hear you! The 1st pair of speakers I fell in love with were AR3s around 1972. Everything else except my 604-8Gs took a back seat to those AR3s - until I freshened up my pair of AR3as (given to me by a buddy) about 20 years ago. I restored a pair of AR4xs and also picked up a pair...
  7. Fran604g

    Team DIY - Non-Audio

    I had assumed you had it covered.😊
  8. Fran604g

    Team DIY - Non-Audio

    I have to ask, what's the sound system like?😏😉
  9. Fran604g

    DIY Woody's Altec 604 project.

    Very nice!
  10. Fran604g

    Seriously folks

  11. Fran604g

    HBD TubeHiFiNut

    Happy birthday!
  12. Fran604g

    DIY Woody's Altec 604 project.

    I agree, and am also looking forward to Jon's progress!
  13. Fran604g

    Seriously folks

    Steeling this one for Sharon! Now I know what to do with all ours. 😂😂😂
  14. Fran604g

    Do Stylus cleaners and treatments work?

    When I got mine years ago, I had to test it on myself. Yeah, I guess I'm some sort of sadist? But, considering the audiophile world, maybe we all are.
  15. Fran604g

    A Sad Admission —— I Miss Tubes

    This is my experience with my 604-8Gs. Exactly. I've dialed things in nicely running tube gear.
  16. Fran604g

    most memorable concerts?

    Pavarotti! You win.:Bow
  17. Fran604g

    In order of annoyance.

    I couldn't agree more. Like: wtf, man.
  18. Fran604g

    Seriously folks

    Gotta make latkes instead. Def worth the effort.🤤
  19. Fran604g

    Seriously folks

  20. Fran604g

    Scrolls are the hard part

    Soooo, gotta ask, how does it sound? A very frequent question involving a very different item.😊