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  1. FalseMetal666

    RIP Shane McGowan

    Another of the all timers gone. RIP.
  2. FalseMetal666

    WTB Bent AVC-1

    I see that Bent AVC-1 change hands from time to time, so feeling out if maybe someone wants to sell me one. Thank you all!
  3. FalseMetal666

    GPA at AXPONA - 604-8H-III

    Seriously! I thought I was being cool and normal but obviously not.
  4. FalseMetal666

    GPA at AXPONA - 604-8H-III

    Dudes quoted me ~$700 to remag some drivers and put new gaskets on em - admittedly I don't know if that's a lot but it SOUNDED like a lot.
  5. FalseMetal666

    Dammit, I'm old! Rebel Yell Turned 40 This Week!

    Dude don't even look at when Generation X's debut came out.
  6. FalseMetal666

    DIY Chicago Altec group buy?

    We can’t. Thanks!
  7. FalseMetal666

    First Tube Amp

    Looking at a preamp with 4db of gain. Do you reckon that would present any issues for my potential use case? I appreciate it's hard to say I just have no frame of reference when it comes to a high-sensitivity set up.
  8. FalseMetal666

    First Tube Amp

    Yep, my current Simaudio is what spoiled me for a modern preamp. Looking mostly at models with adjustable global gain.
  9. FalseMetal666

    First Tube Amp

    Inspired by Trieu’s 808 horns, I’ve decided to build out a high efficiency, tube powered system of separates to replace my current, “modern” Simaudio/Focal combo. In for a penny, in for a pound. I’m pretty set on using a new-ish solid state preamp with lots of switching functionality and run...
  10. FalseMetal666

    Life in Mono

  11. FalseMetal666

    Birds in the Wild

    Album cover worthy!
  12. FalseMetal666

    DIY Chicago Altec group buy?

    Don’t have a FB account so I can’t see…I wonder if he has a single 802D kickin around…
  13. FalseMetal666

    Cabinet Stuffing and my Flamenco project

    Might you have a link handy for this stuff? And do you mean diagonally front to back, or side to side?
  14. FalseMetal666

    WTB 9 Pin Octal-style Sockets

    Hi all, I'm at it again and need a couple pairs of 9 pin octals. Drop a line if you're willing to part with any of your stash. Thank you!!
  15. FalseMetal666

    Hello from Berlin

    I’ve had my eye on Rhinoceros for a while now. Hope to visit soon!
  16. FalseMetal666

    Favorite sub-$500 phono stages?

    Haven’t tried many in this range but really liked my old Clearaudio Nano v2. Crazy build quality for the price (solid CNC’d case, really tidy PCB), very flexible. Frustrating ergonomics, though.
  17. FalseMetal666

    Wardsweb does some MKIII

    Don’t do it! Real heads know what the flat grey bell housings mean!!
  18. FalseMetal666

    Wardsweb does some MKIII

    Any truth to the paranoia around the power transformers being under-spec’d for modern ~120v NA power? Seems like bunk.