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  1. Snade

    Black Friday Deals in our niche of hifi...

    That's interesting, I bet those sound good. With all the improvements in SQ with these new Class D (chip) amps, I would expect powered speakers to get better and better in the near future. Not something I thought I'd be interested in, but maybe should check them out. Cheers, Snade
  2. Snade

    Black Friday Deals in our niche of hifi...

    I live on a fairly busy street in the middle of a residential area. Today I am seeing lots of UPS and FedEx and Prime trucks making deliveries. Interesting, many of the trucks have two people, not just the driver. With all the online orders last week, could this be the busiest delivery week...
  3. Snade

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Hi Kirk, I'm close to some of the friendliest beaches in Florida - Jupiter beach, Juno beach. They are packed on weekends, but I learned that very few people go to the beach until late morning. The roads near the beaches are not busy when I ride my motorcycle there about 9am. You see walkers...
  4. Snade

    Cars & Motorcycles

    That is a great history - thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading that. Beautiful collection of bikes - well done all around. Cheers, Mark (aka Snade)
  5. Snade

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Enjoyed reading this post, thanks. I think as you get older (just my opinion) and you ride less and safety is more important, you want a bike with low-end torque and a smooth throttle response. I get that with my modern Honda CB500F. I owned this VFR when I was riding on weekends around the...
  6. Snade

    Show us your… antique radios?

    It is over 50 years old - still looks good. Mid-60's transistor radio that's always been in my family.
  7. Snade

    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

    Juno Beach, FL at sunrise.
  8. Snade

    Orrrr, $200 Stereo Bluetooth compact Speakers - Recommendations?

    We have five years on a Saatva and would probably not buy one again. It has lost its firmness - I'm talking about the mattress. :)
  9. Snade


    This is an old film shot from the 90's I took near Geneva, Illinois in the Fall.
  10. Snade

    Clay Bar

    Looks great! Beautiful lines to that car. Snade
  11. Snade

    No More Editing?

    The holidays can be a difficult time - hang in there. I appreciate the OP contributions to these forums. Cheers, Snade
  12. Snade

    Seriously folks

  13. Snade

    Black Friday Deals in our niche of hifi...

    I noticed if you go direct to the web sites of Elac speakers or KLH speakers, they are offering substantial discounts on their speakers. Just FYI. Snade
  14. Snade

    Ford Launches an All-New Mustang - Kind Of.

    I appreciate your views and the views of the PM. If I buy the GT, it will be my daily driver and I prefer to keep that car kind of low profile. If I was taking it to car shows I'd pick the red or yellow. But I have to agree with you guys, the light gray and the silver are kind of boring. I...
  15. Snade

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Good for you to pick up riding later in life. I owned several sport bikes over the years, most with over 100hp. But now I'm pushing 70 and I've noticed playing tennis that my reaction times and balance are diminished with age. So I downshifted to the modern Honda CB500F. Only 50hp, but such...
  16. Snade

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Great bike. I ride a 2015 Honda CB500F because it reminds me of bikes of that era. My first bike was a new 1976 Honda CB400F. I sold it about 1979 after college when I needed a car. :( My current bike:
  17. Snade

    Ford Launches an All-New Mustang - Kind Of.

    Smile. There are two blues now, the lighter one is bold and I don't like it. The dark blue is nice but I'd have to special order it. No green for 24, but I don't like that color. My current tesla car is red and very fast. I got a very bad speeding ticket and had to appear in court - it...
  18. Snade

    Black Friday Deals in our niche of hifi...

    That is a good price on the Schiit Valhalla.
  19. Snade

    Black Friday Deals in our niche of hifi...

    Hi Tom, Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. I expect that SMSL Dac / Amp to sound really good. I've read the same reviews. I've got a headphone setup in my listening room, but sometime like to listen to headphones in other areas of the house or yard. I've been using the device below...
  20. Snade

    Doorway Amplifiers...

    Just a question, these Class D amps, they all use a chip. My understanding is the chip is designed to achieve a certain SQ or "voice". So if the Fosi V3 chip amp and the WiiM amps use the same chip (TPA3255), they should sound very similar, right? I understand differences in other components...