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    The Dahlquist DQ-10... production changes through the years.

    These serial numbers will not be mirror-imaged and will have been built using electrolytic caps for all but the smallest caps on the edge of the crossover board. My pairs, both not mirrored were 'lytics and they are serial number 8-thou and 19-thou. My research is putting mylar caps at about...
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    The Dahlquist DQ-10... production changes through the years.

    That is correct for the mirroring, which was probably done to your pair post manufacture. I say this because the early speakers did not have the 0.8A fuse mounted to the baffle board used for the small symmetrically mounted speaker, the tweeter. Mirrored speakers have the tweeter and midrange...
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    My Sony TA-F808ES

    He is still active. Posted today.
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    Death of the Modi

    Be interesting to see how they handle a well out of warranty, old unit that has had updates along the way. Some US companies stand behind them and offer rebuilds to back like it was new again or an updated version of what it could be.
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    Death of the Modi

    THFN, you were just an example, nothing meant by it. Just roll with it. So many people all over the world with a product from this company have toyed with the name you are by no means the poster boy or alone, just a case in point in this particular thread. Don't get bothered about it.
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    Death of the Modi

    opa1 gets a star in my book. This is the first time I have seen someone talk about the products that did not have to cram the schiit name in the title like a schoolboy getting away with something. You know just like tubehifinut did in the first follow up post. The name is to keep folks from...
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    Kenwood KD-500 w/Infinity Black Widow Arm

    If the 500 had a good dust cover that part alone was more than the cost of admission. The JBL sure looks nice, too bad it doesn't sound as good as it looks. I understand you being sidetracked by it.
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    Name this wood!

    European Walnut. ADS had boxes delivered made from €Walnut and they are a light color like that. That is my guess and I'm sticking with it until we know the answer
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    Sunrise @ the Kane's

    And to think the picture doesn't even come close to how good it really looks and those are nice pictures. Amazing colors from interesting sunrises. I got one a few years ago the day after Christmas that has probably been posted. Thanks.
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    Kenwood KD-500 w/Infinity Black Widow Arm

    At least in one of your pics we can see the BW marking on the end of the tone arm rest tube. Best part about that tonearm and not many show it in pics.
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    Show Us Your Direct Drive Tables

    Had a KD-500/Mayware back then, wanted to replace it since I let it go years ago. My searches didn't yield a KD-500 but a KD-600. Made an armboard and bolted the Magnepan Unitrac with a Dynavector 23R onto it. It came with a Marcof Glasmat not the original thick rubber mat. I have a Herbie's...
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    Tube amps and the summer heat...

    My tubes are lower powered, 50watts, and I have just now removed them for their place at the speakers in favor of the sand amp.
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    CD is soon oh so yesterday

    CDs, fine. A friend that bought his first TT from me in 2010 and then commenced to buy about 4000 records, roughly 1.5 per day, had a more than 1200 CD collection that he has shipped parts of to me. He had two of those aluminum cd storage boxes that he put the cd and the booklet/cover sheet...
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    BBC testing lossless FLAC streaming

    jumped on this when I saw it. I usually use Chrome so Firefox was a bit behind the times. Clicked on it updated from 32 to 36, clicked again, to 37 them 43 then finally 47 and heard just a snippet as by then it was on to other work. Came back next morning and the trial was over. Oh well...
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    New Salk with BE tweeter

    Seems to make sense to me. the cone resonance is above human hearing. Friend has the Salk Veracity HT1 and although they need the sub, they sound very natural. Nice speaker overall.
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    Kenwood Basic C1 Preamp and Basic M1 Power Amp.....

    Kenwood makes great tuners as one of the world leaders in amateur radio equipment, tuning the FM band is child's play for them. Your tuner needs to visit PunkerX. He can lay a tune up on it that will make it a worthy match to the amp.
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    Kenwood Basic C1 Preamp and Basic M1 Power Amp.....

    I did the same with a set of HK Citation, 22, 23, 25. Nearly the ugliest stereo gear I have seen but after getting the amp to come out of protection (swap in a new C11 cap) it has been a nice bedroom system with remotes and all. No boxes but I'm using it. A price too good to pass up.
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    Kenwood Basic C1 Preamp and Basic M1 Power Amp.....

    How do you make one good pair of SM ∞ speakers? I mean just from your post the best thing to do with them is burning them up. Unless of course you have bad neighbors in which case, that loudest, most obnoxious system would have a valid use. The SMs I got, CLor Freecycle Free Infinity...
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    Camera Ads - Dec 1984

    Hey I have that A-1/60-300 combo in the first ad upstairs as I sit here. I took some great pics with it floating down the Colorado in Grand Canyon.
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    Spotify is testing lossless audio...

    Sprint said 1% less. Well I had an early comcast VOIP and I had 97% up time. Sounds good doesn't it? Well 97% up time is just about 11 days per year without the phone...Eleven DAYS per year. 1% is a lot less when 100% is the norm. Not that the other carriers have 100% coverage or up time...