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  1. thetakeout

    FS First Watt J2

    I can attest - great amp here!
  2. thetakeout

    Spotify Supremium

    @JohnVF I understand rooting for qobuz as well. It is my preferred lossless service (although i've never tried deezer). They seem to get what us audio nerds want more than the other players in the space
  3. thetakeout

    Spotify Supremium

    I'm really hoping Spotify comes through here. They have the deepest catalog of all the streaming platforms. They have a lot of stuff that I like that I can't get elsewhere. Hopefully spotify connect supports lossless. If so could be a grand household switch. Would save us a bundle of change...
  4. thetakeout

    Sold Omega Super 3 High Output Monitors

    these guys sold late last night.
  5. thetakeout

    Omega Loudspeakers

    @Steve. Any luck with the Omega's arriving? I'm guessing maybe in the next few weeks. I always love to see Louis' creations.
  6. thetakeout

    Oliver Sayes Amplifier Owners Club

    @Carlos269 looks like you have a couple of Tarta amps as well! Thanks for sharing the photos
  7. thetakeout

    Oliver Sayes Amplifier Owners Club

    @Carlos269 thanks for sharing that story. Oliver builds some amazing gear. I’m glad he matched it with that killer support after the fact! I have to ask. Would you mind sharing some of the other pieces you’ve had built by Oliver. We love hearing about those amps.
  8. thetakeout

    Sold Omega Super 3 High Output Monitors

    They are Monolith - cheap but effective!
  9. thetakeout

    Sold Omega Super 3 High Output Monitors

    I'm selling my Omega Super 3 HO monitors. Price is $750 + Shipping which should be around $100. If it's more I will eat the difference. Great speakers at a fair price. They play nice with low watt amps. I would rate them as an 8. I hope they end up with a forum member here. Louis builds...
  10. thetakeout

    Current state of my 'small' setup.

    Really cool set up! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been in the hunt for a cd player so you gave me some ideas. What is the model of the mcintosh you have in the other room?
  11. thetakeout

    Sold Oliver Sayes 26/46 amplifier

    I'll take two please.
  12. thetakeout

    Sold MHDT Labs Istanbul DAC

    I have a Border Patrol dac. One day when I sell a kidney or win the lottery I want to try the AudioMirror or the Audial. Both dacs are great (mhdt & border patrol). I actually listed the BP first but whenever a sale would come up I would be out of pocket for work or something would seem fishy...
  13. thetakeout

    Sold MHDT Labs Istanbul DAC

    For sale is my MHDT Labs Istanbul Dac. R2R NOS. The Istanbul has anchored my system for years. Lots of gear has come and gone but this has been my longest standing piece. It's been a great ride but it's ready for a new home. Versatile Piece (BNC, USB, RCA, Toslink) Hopefully it brings many...
  14. thetakeout

    My first Open Baffle speakers-Caintuck Betsy's

    @MWalt sounds like a fun afternoon!
  15. thetakeout

    Spotify Supremium

    I would be over the moon about Spotify going lossless assuming they do a good job of it. I like their app and would love stream from their app to a streamer via spotify connect. I love the metadata Roon gets from allmusic.com but I would gladly give that up to drop down to one subscription...
  16. thetakeout

    OFF 605s in 614s - Austin area

    holy lord..i'm in striking distance of those as well....
  17. thetakeout

    DIY Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414

    Cool photos. Thanks for sharing them! I need to know what I'm looking at. Lots going on in those pics!!
  18. thetakeout

    DIY Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414

    @RPMac is there a photo you could share?!?!
  19. thetakeout

    FS Border Patrol Dac SE-i (S/PDIF)

    Ok, we will drop it to $950 for the BP!