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    Dipping My Toes In Vintage Waters

    Man that cassette deck is beautiful - I love a nice looking tape deck. I miss my Pioneer CTF 850 - thought has crossed my mind as recording cassettes was a real blast in the 80s - a kind of ritual (set the bias, clean the heads etc, write up labels, open the new Maxell/TDK tape...)
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    D3A Phono Amplifier

    Looks awesome. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of my setup (using phono in my preamp) but this is making me think about building something.
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    Cheap Coffee

    Yep - at 19 bucks for 12 ounces - I no longer wing it. I used to just free pour and guess - but then again it was Starbucks French Roast - and I was thinking at the time - god there must be better tasting coffee.
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    Tube Amp Recs for JBL Olympus

    I was going to say Latino gear - love my M125s. Cool thing about the M125 are all the many config options - I'm running mine with just two output tubes - plenty of power and light on my Mullard Rectifiers. And all the redundancy
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    Voigt Domestic Corner Horn

    Wow - that is really awesome - love the dog.
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    My new and perhaps last Audio Note E loudspeaker

    Looks pretty cool. I'm really digging those invisible monoblocks.
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    Is There Such a Thing as a Better Sounding Streamer?

    Yeah - my setup is so simple - no cables - no USB no nothin - just wireless with nice internal DAC - works like a dream.
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    Cheap Coffee

    Thank you.
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    Cheap Coffee

    I probably spend too much for great coffee but I only grind about 60grams a day. SweetBloom Nigatu Wase12oz Whole Bean Bean 3 $54.00 Scroll for more items Cost summary � Description Price Total Subtotal $54.00 Shipping Free
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    Is There Such a Thing as a Better Sounding Streamer?

    I have progressed from my first streaming setup - to my latest one and the biggest change is convenience. It may sound better and likely does - but my old setup sounded pretty great. My first streaming setup: Old iPhone 4s - sitting on iPure dock - with digital output into a Cambridge Audio...
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    Amazon Music HD

    I might have to give this a try. I'm currently paying for Pandora One and Spotify Premium. I'm thinking of ditching Spotify due to their lack of a thumbs down button on radio. I find it very frustrating when a song comes on that I cannot stand - and all I can do is press the 'Heart" to love...
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    More Amp Construction

    Wow - really cool stuff - makes me want to build some tube amps once again. Since I already have PushPull - I'd like to build a stereo SET unit. Maybe someday.
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    Hello from Prescott, AZ

    Thanks very much Thin-Ice.
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    This is a vent post......

    Bell Bottoms, Feathered Hair and the Monoprice amp for 100 bucks - was the rage not too long ago.
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    This is a vent post......

    Nice - they sure are cool looking - not a bad deal for what it does.
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    You get to do it all over again.

    I'd probably go with a simpler system - perhaps a nice high end Yamaha Integrated and some high quality monitors. Then again my system is pretty stable and I sure like glowing tubes. Who knows.
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    This is a vent post......

    Sorry to hear about that - I've definitely been there. I'm glad the gear chasing demon is off my back and occupied with other things. I'm just chillin at work enjoying lowfi - with an iPad - Spotify and a cheap fake tube amp. I hope things turn around for you. Best of luck. Chris
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    Bill Frisell's Favorite Blue Note Albums

    Though being born in 65 - I'd have been a baby and likely not enjoyed it very much.
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    Bill Frisell's Favorite Blue Note Albums

    I figured - but there in the 60's - would be cool.
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    Bill Frisell's Favorite Blue Note Albums

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve got Sonny Rollins lined up for today. Village Vanguard (1958) That must have been the coolest place - I love my Bill Evans set on vinyl