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  1. gortnipper

    GPA closing

    Hmm... just looked back at that thread and if RonSSS (is that you @RonSSNova ?) is correct and it is Troy Audio, then that is not the best news. I'm just glad I recently got my 808s and 414s redone by Bill.
  2. gortnipper

    DIY Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414

    Can you marry one and two?
  3. gortnipper

    New (To Me) Altec 414-8B

    @tubav I dont know what I was doing with my vent calculations above. They look totally wrong to me now, as 7*2*11/16=9.625 actually. I was at work and must have hit the wrong keys somewhere in a rush. If I use a proper vent calculator, it looks more like it should be a shade over an inch...
  4. gortnipper

    New (To Me) Altec 414-8B

    Add 1 3/8" to your vent tube and see what happens.
  5. gortnipper

    New (To Me) Altec 414-8B

    A 614 is 20.5x24x14.25 according to the cab plans I have, which is ~3.9 cf. How long is your vent? 7*2*11/16=67.375 67.375/12.566 (the area of a 4" circle) =5.362
  6. gortnipper

    New (To Me) Altec 414-8B

    I am not sure what your vent tuning is looking like, as the cabinet is roughly the same size as a 614 (+ ~.2 cf?) and it uses a 7"x2"x11/16" vent. I would just be looking at optimizing the vent, not trading cabs.
  7. gortnipper

    HP Calculator - 12C

    A random aside...I would visit my Grandpa's cabin in the Sierras on the 70s/80s and Bill Hewlet had a cabin in the same string. He would come over to our place and have a drink or something to eat. He seemed a nice guy as a kid.
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    What are you listening to right now ?

    Space Oddity
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    Today's Classical Music Playlist

  10. gortnipper

    GPA closing

    According to a thread on Altec Users Board, Todd White said, "I was down at GPA a few weeks ago picking up a couple of 802s and 416As I had him rebuild for our church. He has sold GPA, and is moving his stuff out of the location. I have also been in touch with the salesman for the company that...
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

  12. gortnipper

    More Amp Construction

    Tubemonger has taken flying lead versions of some popular preamp tubes and created coinbase versions of them. I bought a pair of CV4033 and they are superb.
  13. gortnipper

    If I could do it all over...

    Robin Guthrie is a friend of mine. When he was over at my house one time in the early 2000s we were playing music on my rig, and talkng about how he mixes. He does the normal thing in the studio, then takes it home and listen to it there and then to the car. He tunes it to the car, because...
  14. gortnipper

    Bling stainless A7 build in Auckland

    Avocado green...
  15. gortnipper

    Bling stainless A7 build in Auckland

    Nothing like a "bright" system...
  16. gortnipper

    Bling stainless A7 build in Auckland

    I dont understand why, but I guess we dont need to... ALTEC A7’s “Voice of the Theatre” in polished stainless steel. Original A7 components with rebuilt boxes in birch core ply and mounted stainless. built by Login • Instagram
  17. gortnipper

    Vintage gear with great on-board phono stages.

    I had a HK 670 receiver I bought new as a Jr. In HS in 79 as a demo model from Speakerlab in Seattle. I have such fond memories of that piece, it just sounded great to me for 10+ yrs until I got sucked into a home theater system that sucked the life out of the music. I had a cheapish TT, but my...
  18. gortnipper

    DIY Altec Iconic 812 vs 753

    @je2a3 - The 30"H is exclusive or inclusive of the base?
  19. gortnipper

    Altec 605A Crossovers

    Do it. I had GPA xo for my 8H-III, and it was trumped (no relation, obviously) by a very nice Rick Saleh one he did specifically for that driver. It was again trumped by Werner's.