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    I can't unsee it.

    Anybody stupid enough to buy one of these deserves whatever they get.
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    Vintage Tube Preamps

    I have a friend who is the best engineer I have ever met. He was my brother in laws room mate before he married my sister and was an extremist in all things. As a ham he had a "kool kilowatt" (an overbuilt one kw transmitter powered by "pole pig" a transfomer that belonged on a power pole...
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    Inexpensive Chinese Class AB Amp

    I have been sorely tempted by many many of these bargains from bangood, alibaba and alieexpress. I was inhibited by stories of counterfeit electronic components and poorly copied circuit boards. Some of the criticisms struck me as being racism or prejudice against the Chinese. I have bought a...
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    How Do You Keep Track Of The Wear On Your Stylus?

    I started having some bad sound on my beloved EPC 310 boron cantilever moving coil cartridge. It is kind of unobtainium. So I thought I better take a look at it under the scope. It never got that far. It was so crapped up that I gave it a cleaning and now it sounds great again. I don't like...
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    How Do You Keep Track Of The Wear On Your Stylus?

    As an expert on microscopy and particularly stereo microscopy I have never found microscopes very useful for gauging stylus wear. They will make it easy to see if your diamond has flown the coop which does happen though often can be seen with the naked eye. Styli rarely fracture because of...
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    Inspired by the Maxell Hi Fidelity commercial

    That's a really sweet looking and handsome doggie.
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    Inspired by the Maxell Hi Fidelity commercial

    Make sure you get your speaker phase correct! 😅
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    An actual Wobbulator is a loudspeaker voice coil with a circular flat plate mounted on it. Mounted next to that plate is another identical plate whose spacing can be adjusted. When a signal is applied to the voice coil the spacing and thus the capacitance of the two plates varies. If the...
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    Did You Ever Get Your Dream System?

    I built my dream system in 1977. I still have it. I still like it. It still sounds great. I just got a pair of NS1000 to use as surrounds.
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    Thinking of modifying these Pioneer Speaks

    Have you measured the capacitors. Maybe they haven't drifted much from the original values. Capacitance checkers are now almost free from China and even UK made ones (Peak) cost less than an audiophile capacitor. It's funny , I note that the tweeter protection breaker is 0.8 amps. When I...
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    Thinking of modifying these Pioneer Speaks

    Wouldn't it be much easier to just tri amp them with a nice DSP unit?? That is what I would do.
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    He didn’t want the preamp after all.

    I have gotten some great deals on Lawn Equipment on Craig's List
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    He didn’t want the preamp after all.

    How does a Nigerian or other scammer work a Craigs List advert. Do they have actual operatives that come to your house with phony checks? Usually these scams want you to put money on a money card after they send you a fake cashiers check or bank transfer. I would be interested in hearing...
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    The coffee drinkers club thread.

    We moved two and half years ago and the sellers of our house installed all Whirlpool crap appliances. I just spent $150 on four new gas stove knobs to replace the ones that split in the shaft and although they are weighted they still have the crapola shafts which I will reinforce with tubing...
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    I honestly am not sure where to put this: not tube, not solid state; not really analog, but certainly not digital...

    Variable autotransformers are easily available in "ganged" form, usually triple ganged for three phase but it also would be very easy to convert the ones you have with a long piece of drill rod of the same diameter as the rotor shaft. Just gang them. and for god's sake put them in a copper box...
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    the ancient urge to build a dual-woofer three-way

    What percentage of your input power does this network eat. I bet about 2/3 maybe more. Three and four way passives that eat 90 % are not unheard of not to mention that they eliminate any damping.
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    The coffee drinkers club thread.

    At my previous house my real estate agent had bought us a Cuisinart coffee maker with a built in rotary grinder and a timer. Being way younger and more regular in habits I enjoyed being woken up to the sound of the grinder going off , knowing there would be fresh ground hot coffee ready in a...
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    The coffee drinkers club thread.

    I don't doubt that result for a second. The process of grinding evolves heat even if the coffee feels like its still at room temp when you are done. This is EXACTLY why it smells good when you grind the beans. You are driving off volatiles that would be better to stay in your coffee. For...