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  1. Audionut

    Eico 2036 integrated DETROIT SALE

    EL84 tubes, A/B speaker option, phono stage and a headphone out?😱 Sir are you mad? This is likely better than half the junk selling new at 3-4 times the price (sounds like AK talk)? Charming looking fellow too!
  2. Audionut

    Cheaky Speaks

    Ok, finally got them home. A big thanks to @marantzfan for storing these behemoths! I currently have them powered by my 300b amp. The current Psvane tubes seem to be a bit bass shy so will swap in the valve arts shortly. Otherwise they are quite impressive speakers. Can’t wait to try some...
  3. Audionut

    Nelson Reed 8-04/B -- A Journey

    Not racist at all!;)😅.......I know what you mean; don’t buy something from someone who can’t communicate properly what’s what with a purchase (I think he knew and was shady?). I agree on not buying before testing, unless you know the person or they are not suspect.
  4. Audionut

    heard on the Beeb today: GM is throwing in the towel on the Holden brand

    I would like to start a go fund me page to bring back @mhardy6647 , who’s willing to contribute?
  5. Audionut

    Wiggy says "Hi"

    Quite a collection you have there. You have moved up several notches in my book with that Harman Kardon A300. I have one and don’t think I will ever get rid of it. I currently have it in my work office set up and it probably gets more action than my main system due to my work schedule. It’s just...
  6. Audionut

    So.....What's Been Going On Around Here?

    Well I am just getting around to putting my main system back together in my new dedicated listening room. Hope to have pics by the end of this weekend though it’s not fully furnished yet. Might have some cheeky speakers to put in there as well (I was/am really looking to hear from you on that...
  7. Audionut

    Wiggy says "Hi"

    So what are you running system wise these days?
  8. Audionut

    Wiggy says "Hi"

    Welcome Wiggy, not familiar with your prior work but your reputation precedes you. Looking forward to your contributions. Also there’s a resort near by called the Wigwam, any relation?
  9. Audionut

    Where Do You Listen?

    Maybe it’s his office; one heck of an office if so!
  10. Audionut

    AirPods Pro

    How much better are these than the non pro? I really like the transparency feature and may upgrade for that alone. Also the air pod 2’s are not super comfortable at first (you get used to them though..).
  11. Audionut

    What The Hell! Why Not?!

    I’d buy just about any one of those mugs!
  12. Audionut

    You Know?... We Don't Have A Beatles Thread

    My job here is done:
  13. Audionut

    A New Box Arrived

    Which one?
  14. Audionut

    3D printing shenanigans

    Maybe it needs mini/medium/large horns on the outlets?
  15. Audionut

    3D printing shenanigans

    How does your latest creation compare to your first one in Sound amplification for a phone?
  16. Audionut

    Are many people on this forum interested in "New Age" Music?

    Ok, first I need to know what’s old age?
  17. Audionut

    Experience Music horns

    Fortunately these horns will not experience the same fate.......unless they were made out of chocolate.
  18. Audionut

    Lounge Audio LCR Phono Preamp Member Test -Sign Up Here

    Sure; post# 22, 51 and 61.
  19. Audionut

    Lounge Audio LCR Phono Preamp Member Test -Sign Up Here

    Right here!:smile: Here’s what we have left, not sure who’s closest to me to go next? @JohnVF @oldhand @airdronian @UncleBingo